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October 30, 2015

25 Fun and Interesting Vintage Halloween Ads from between 1930s and 1960s

Some of us more finely aged folks remember some very classy, humorous and sometimes downright campy vintage Halloween ads from childhood, lets look at some ads and commercials that might bring back some memories...

Crisco, 1936

Brewing Industry Foundation, 1944

Wurlitzer, 1947

Blatz Beer, 1947

Old Gold, 1953

Chlorodent Toothpaste, 1953

Budweiser, 1953

Mars Milky Way, 1953

Rath Black Hawk Meats, 1954

Cracker Jack, 1954

Kellogg's Snack-Pak, 1955

Post Sugar Crisp, 1955

Ballantine Ale, 1955

Chase & Sanborn Instant Coffee, 1956

Post Cereals, 1957

Reddi Wip, 1958

Post Cereals, 1959

Dutch Masters, 1959

Brach’s Candy, 1959

Sunkist Frozen Fruit Punches, 1960

Kool-Aid, 1961

3M Scotch Tape, 1961

Curtiss Candy Company, 1962

Coca-Cola, 1964

Hunt's Catsup, 1967


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