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September 17, 2015

Rare Vintage Pictures of Great Wall of China in the 1900s

Here is a small collection of 16 rare vintage pictures of Great Wall of China before and in the 1900s.

ca. 1900-01


The Great Wall near Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China, 1874


A small camel train and some donkeys from Mongolia enroute to Peking, passing through the Pa-ta-ling Gatway of the Great Wall of China, 1902

ca. 1880s

ca. 1890s

ca. 1900s

ca. 1900s

ca. 1900s

ca. 1900s

ca. 1900s

Jiayuguan Fortress, the Westernmost Fort on the Great Wall of China, Gansu Province, 1875

the Great Wall, Peking, ca. 1908

Tower of the Great Wall, near Yulin, Shaanxi, ca. 1908-1909

Two horsemen, ca. 1900s


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