Tuesday, August 18, 2015

26 Rare Vintage Photographs of Everyday Life in Russia from the Late 1920s to Early 1930s

1920s. A woman selling her family jewels in a market in Moscow.

1927. Construction of the Central Telegraph in Moscow.

1928. On the beach in Yalta.

1928. The Red Riviera, Yalta.

1928. Shoeshiners in Batumi.

7 November, 1928. Celebrating the 11th anniversary of the revolution on Uritsky Square in Leningrad

1929. Passersby view the posters in Leningrad.

1929. The first skyscrapers in Kharkov.

1929. View of Yalta.

1929. View of Sevastopol.

1929. Local taxi in Sevastopol.

1929. A telephone box in Leningrad.

1929. Only a few people such as engineers and opera singers can afford to hire babysitters.

17 December, 1929. The current status of the former royal architecture on Nevsky Prospekt street in Leningrad.

1930s. In the area of Rosa Luxemburg in Kharkov.

1930s. On the streets of Kharkov.

1930s. Spontaneous market.

1930. The Moscow trial engineers.

1930. Trading goods in Ligovka, Leningrad.

1930 Rush hour on the streets of Leningrad.

1931. Tractor plant in Stalingrad.

1931. Surface asphalt Leningradskoe Shosse in Moscow.

1931. Soviet tourists visiting London.

1931. Posters in Stalingrad.

1931. Textile factory in Tiflis.

1932. Aluminum plant in Leningrad.

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