August 17, 2015

15 Hand-Colored Photos of Japanese Women in the end of 19th Century

Here are some amazing hand-colored photos of beautiful Japanese women in the end of 19th century.

Women spinning cotton, ca. 1870

Maiko girl eating sushis, ca. 1890

Two sleeping geishas, ca. 1890

Geishas playing music in a tea house, ca. 1890

Two ladies and a young girl gathering flowers, ca. 1870

Horikiri's Iris Garden in Tokyo, ca. 1880

Three young dancers, ca. 1870

Woman bringing tea in Garden, ca. 1880

Girls in a Garden, ca. 1880

Three flower girls, ca. 1890

Beautiful young girl and a florist, ca. 1890

Threshing rice, ca. 1880

Sedan chair, ca. 1880

Girls in Enoshima, ca. 1880

Cherry flowers, Uyemo park in Tokyo, ca. 1870


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