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August 27, 2015

13 Rare Photos of The Queen of Crime Agatha Christie

The Queen of Crime was fiercely protective of her privacy, but here is a small collection of rare photographs reveals an unexpected carefree side to the world’s best-selling novelist.

The young Agatha playing the mandolin, aged 8 in 1898.

Agatha Christie pictured with WWI soldiers in 1914, top row, third from left

Surfing in South Africa, in Muizenberg, a suburb of Cape Town, in February 1922.

Agatha Christie stands on Muizenberg Beach, South Africa, following surf bathing, 1922.

Agatha, pictured centre, at a dance class in Torquay in 1904.

In Paris in 1906.

On board RMS Kildonan Castle leaving Southampton in January 1922.

Agatha, centre, roller-skating on Torquay pier with the Lucy family, in 1911.

Agatha poses in a field of corn. Location and date are unknown.

Agatha Christie perched in front of her typewriter.

Agatha Christie was one of the first women in Britain to surf standing up.

Agatha and Archie Christie.

A rare photo of a young Christie.

(Photos: Courtesy the Christie Archive, via Daily Mail Online)


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