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July 15, 2015

The Secret Photographs Adolf Hitler Wanted to Ban from the World Forever

These secret photographs are from an early propaganda pamphlet titled “Deutschland Erwache” (Germany Awaken) written in the 1930s that Hitler later disliked. Apparently an English soldier found the photos and his family hung on to them for years. They’re now set to be published in a book called The Rise of Hitler by Trevor Salisbury. You can kind of see why even a monster like Hitler was embarrassed by the photos, which include gems like this.

Hitler banned publication of this image from an early Nazi propaganda book

Hitler grinning inanely in another picture he tried to ban

Hitler banned this picture of his 'steely glare' fearing it made him look stupid

A young Hitler during his days as a Lance Corporal in the German Army

Adolf Hitler despised this 'undignified' picture of him in short trousers

Hitler despised images of him in shorts which showed his bare legs

The Nazi propaganda book claims children's eyes 'light up when the Führer is close'



  2. That"s amazing an insane person was aware of how stupid he looked in any photos. I see wariness in the girls eyes in the last picture. Even kids know a crazy person when they see one!

  3. I think Michael Palin could do a great skit dressed as the " short and knee socked Führer" ;)



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