Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old Contact Sheets from Some of Hollywood’s Most Legendary Films

Before you could open that folder of images on your memory card, contact sheets were the only way to review a bunch of photographs you just took. In Hollywood's golden days, directors had on-set photographers capturing candid images for those iconic movie posters.

Julius Caesar featuring Marlon Brando, 1953

Rear Window featuring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, 1954

Bus Stop featuring Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Giant featuring James Deen, 1956

Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring Audrey Hepburn, 1961

Once Upon a Time in the West, 1968

Raging Bull featuring Robert DeNiro, 1980

(via Photojojo)


  1. Kewl, let's see each of those same shots today!

  2. Growing up in Jersey City back in the 50s was an adventure for me! Every Saturday was movie day at the Monticello Theater. Double feature, cartoons and door prizes all for 20 cents. Lived at 584 Communipaw Ave. next to the fire station. The firemen closed off Harrison Ave. in the summer and set up a pipe they had drilled holes into and attached a fire hose for showers for us kids. A real American Indian owned the hot dog and soda fountain shop next to Monticello Theater. Those were the days!