June 18, 2014

Color Photographs of Boston in the 1940s

Boston Common

Flume Bridge, New Hampshire

Longfellow's Wayside Inn Grist Mill, Boston Area

Martha Mary Chapel, Boston Area

Charles River Sailboats

Harvard University, Cambridge

Dexter Gate, Harvard University, Cambridge

Arnold Arboretum

Meeting of the Minds

Radiation Lab Picnic, Boston Area

Harvard Square Milestone, Cambridge

Boston over Union Wharf

Belmont Public Library

(via Rob Ketcherside)


  1. This is backward print. 1) the guy holding the gun, 2) the guy with his hand on his jacket, and (3) the guy holding #2's other hand are using their left hands, a habit physically discouraged in American children until the mid 1960s - a century after this photo was taken.

  2. As long as you have the oldest players in the NBA too young to even remember players ever wearing them, you can count that players will refuse to wear female style clothing. Or, what they think are girls clothes.

  3. Who wears short shorts? MJ wears short shorts! Michael Jordan wore gay shorts in the 80's!



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