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May 29, 2014

15 Amazing Vintage Photos of Truly Cowgirls

That's what truly cowgirls looked like in the past.

A shot captured in 1912 shows Florence LaDue and her fancy lasso skills. (Archive / Getty Images)

Ethelyn Dectreaux, a rodeo rider, in 1935. (General Photographic Agency / Getty Images)

Roper Jane Burmudy makes a lasso dance in 1912. (Historic Photo Archive / Getty Images)

1945: Actress and rodeo champ Betty Miles poses for an epic pic. (DeMauro/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Mildred Douglas Chrisman, an early cowgirl and stunt woman, rides a bull like a boss in 1930. (Vintage Images / Getty Images)

Famed rodeo horsewoman Mabel Strickland in 1925. (FPG / Getty Images)

1930s rodeo gals. (FPG / Getty Images)

1920s Hollywood gave the American cowgirl a slightly more glam look as seen on actress Dale Evans. (Loomis Dean//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

In 1949, actors Wayne Burson and Wendy Waldron pose on set. (Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Judy Garland embodying a cowgirl. (John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images)

An 1890 publicity photo for one of America’s greatest cowgirls, Annie Oakley. (Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Woman’s best friend in 1940. (H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile / Getty Images)

Look, ma! No hands. (Underwood Archives / Getty Images)

Circa 1912. (Buyenlarge / Getty Images)

Rockin’ cowgirl style in the ’50s. (H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile / Getty Images)

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