April 28, 2014

Black & White Pictures of Daily Life in London in 1964

London. Spitalfields market.

South London. Amusment arcade in Brixton.

London. South London. Brixton. Child skips along a street.

Underground nightclub principally for blacks in Cable Street, East London. (Cable Street no longer exists).

London. Speakers Corner, Hyde Park.

London. Woolwich.

Tick-tack man and punter at the Derby.

East London. Bookmakers.

London. Black actress shops on Oxford Street.

London. A black actress shops in Oxford Street.

Black wedding at Woolwich, East London.

London. Butcher in Spitalfields market.

South London. Wedding in Brixton.

London. South London. Brixton. School kids.

London. South London. School Kids.

London. South London. West African women shop for fruits and vegetables in Brixton market.

London. Notting Hill. Private, multi-racial party.

London. South London. Brixton. Bus queue.

London. East London. Woolwich to Thamesmead railway line.

South London. Barber in Brixton.

Barber in Brixton, South London.

London. A black actress shops in Oxford Street.

South London. School children in Brixton.

Cable Street. Underground nightclub principally for black people.

Ian Berry/Magnum Photos)


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