Friday, December 13, 2013

Photos of Life in East Germany in 1970

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  1. Hi,!

    If u wanna i can give u some infos to ur photos.

    1. Magdeburg 1971. Waiting in queue for banana.
    2. 1st May 1967.
    3. 1971. East-Berlin. Shop window with poster: Welcome our sovier friends. It's the year of VIII. Kommunist party congress. In this event the old leader Ulbricht resigned by force by Breznhiev. The new leader is Honecker til the end of the DDR.
    4. East-Berlin aerial photo heading Alexanderplatz, with TV-tower.
    5. East-Berlin Karl-Marx Allee heading Alexanderplatz, with TV-tower.

    6. SED-Procession, probably the 25th anniversary of the SED party in 1971. Berlin.
    7. Berlin with TV-tower
    8. Nightlight photo from TV-tower, Alexanderplatz and Karl-Marx Allee.