March 24, 2013

Rare Color Photographs of Life in the First Nazi Concentration Camps in 1933

Nazi Germany maintained concentration camps throughout the territories it controlled before and during the Second World War. The first Nazi camps were erected in Germany in March 1933 immediately after Hitler became Chancellor and his Nazi Party was given control over the police through Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick and Prussian Acting Interior Minister Hermann Göring. Used to hold and torture political opponents and union organizers, the camps initially held around 45,000 prisoners.

Heinrich Himmler's SS took full control of the police and concentration camps throughout Germany in 1934–35. Himmler expanded the role of the camps to holding so-called "racially undesirable elements" of German society, such as Jews, criminals, homosexuals, and Romani. The number of people in camps, which had fallen to 7,500, grew again to 21,000 by the start of World War II and peaked at 715,000 in January 1945.


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    1. Nazis come from planet 'Nazi' out of the solar system. They had arrived to the earth at 1st September '39 and constrained Poland to start IIWW. Poles immediately set up polish death camps in order to burn Jews and other Poles. After this Poland delcared war to the USSR, thus they had communism untill '89. Poland gave their wealth, money, gold, paintings, sculptures, means of production to Nazis for free. Poles also had been working till death for Nazis with no pay. Then they destroyed all Warsaw and couple other countries, and after all this shit Poland tries to shift responsibility for IIWW on the innocent GERMANS!

    2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA....finely, good explanation. Spechless...
      Can we take as a official version?

    3. e6161616 You're the shit, and not Poland. You do not know the history of either a moron you taught her. Or are you just another Nazi, that the responsibility for WW II on the other dumps to your idol Hitler and his killers left the innocent heinous crimes against humanity

    4. i really think you misread the sentence. he didn't say shit poland, he said after all this shit, poland... haha
      he just made fun, so keep your bad language to yourself

    5. e6161616 you are a total ignorant , you dont know shit of what you talking abiut. im a jew and im living in Israel and you better read some of the world war 2 before you telling lies and foolish things or that you'r just a nazi so you enjoying it.
      the pols didnt set up any of the death camps and you know it.
      the germans and the nazis particular are responsible to every person who died there, whether Jew or not
      you cant just tell this stupid thigs. this is wrong and disrispectful, not only the jews but the whole world.

    6. In a bit more serious words, "Nazi" is shorthand for "National Socialism"
      which was the name of Hitler's party in Germany.
      Under this party's rule, and with their command, happens all the atrocities all over Europe.

    7. National Socializm - Nationalsozialismus - Nazi

  2. Nazi concentration camp? wasn't it GERMAN concentration camp?

    1. OOO man, careful, i would rather recommend you to use "The Country On the West of Poland" concentration camp.... or Nazi Concentration Camp.

    2. Yeah.. political correctness...

  3. @S Grandson, why? He is right, it was German concentration camp bulid by Germans IN occupied Poland.

  4. You know that, I know that - but look arround - it is surprised for european institutions and newspapers.
    Sarcasm - last thing left to save memory who really did it...

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Fascists, nazis, communists, bolsheviks... it is horrible. Someday no one will even remember who really unleashed this hell.
      Good that at least president Obama remembers that they were Polish death camps :/

    4. irasiad and others it isn't polish dead camp only DEAD CAMP IN POLAND
      AND LIKE YOU SAID; Fascists, nazis, communists, bolsheviks..those are asholes
      GERMANS build the first concetracion camps in Germany killing there own people who were against war.That was expirience they used later in european countrees but,good book about it you can find and read. History about that never die.
      If you dont understand go back to the top and read this article again

    5. whose "only DEAD CAMP IN POLAND"? Nazis? Fascists? No. German!
      Anyway... this text presents pictures of The First German Concentration Camp. Why author can't say that while it is true?

      You know what... last days I saw a movie on National Gerogaphic channel about IIWW and I only heard: nazis forces, Hitler's army, nazis soldiers, fascists sevices. During 60 minutes they had never used 'German' adjective. Is it not strange?

  5. What nationality the Nazis are? Are they European, African or maybe Martian?

  6. You don't even know where the Poland is. It was GERMAN CAMPS on polish land sO it make's it twice german camps ;)It were lots of PL people in it too. Sry IIWW was German and Russian war. And you stupid American pigs don't even know about it poor stupid hamburgers ;)

  7. German death camps, i think its sad for them too but thats history and if i could change it i would. But we cant, now we can only dont forget about those victims of ww2.. Its shameful to dont know things like that or being agressive to peoples cause of this.

  8. 99,8 % of Germans supported Hitler before Second World War. (period)

  9. And now they support the Fourth Reich which they build in EU.People dont be blind for God Sake,,in the name of all victims of German Nazis all arround the world,,keep talking.The point of Germany is all to be Forgotten and they are not changing,,Genes are Genes and will remain the same,,the new generation germans are brainwashed with bull shit as how Great and strong was the German Army,,That was not war agains Comunism,that was anihilation war of all who didnt pass the Nazi Standarts...Light ground and Heaven to all who died in Camps,Never Forget them...

  10. The terrible actions Nazis did you will be able to here

  11. "Nazis" was the name of all members of the Nazi party, political or military. Many, but not all, germans were members of the party from 1930 to 1945.
    The party, led by Adolf Hitler, came to power in germany in 1933, and its main agenda was to restore germany to its greatness, first by taking control of german populated areas and countries ( Austria, Czechoslovakia) and later by declaring war and conquering Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, part of France, Norway and eastern Russia. The war ended in May 1945 after Russia, England and the United states succeded in pushing Germant back to it's borders and finally to bring Germany tosurrender.
    The nazi party was also very racist, treating most eastern europians as inferior and especially the gypsies and jews. At first the wanted to take all their property, but by 1942 had decided to eliminate europian jews and gypsies completely. Most of the above pictures are of jews.
    Concentration camps were built first in germany to imprison political enemies. after 1939 may more camps were built in poland, and over six million jews, gypsies and poles were sent to them to be worked and later killed in gas chambers. Not many german soldiers and some other nationalities took part in these horriffic acts, though many more new about them and still did little to stop them.
    After the war the "new" Germany took responsibility for what had happened and felt shame. Today germany is a different country, still ashamed of it's past, totally different in every sense.
    Much more could, ans maybe, should be explained - you should read more to know more.....

    1. Are you definitely sure about new German (imperium around Europe)??

    2. The first Brown Shirts were the members of Betar. You seem to be Israeli, read first some books before you make a fool out yourself. Herzl, Jabotinsky, they all wanted the Jews to be "destroyed". Never heard of AshkeNAZI?


  13. El horror que provocó Adolf Hitler es inconmensurable. Hoy en dia queda discipulos alrededor del mundo quecon sus acciones pareciera que quieren volver a someter a la humanidad. La obligacion de todos los hombres y mujeres de bien es mantener vivo el recuerdo de este horror para que no se vuelva a repetir

    Leonardo Liberman Argentina

  14. Jew is not a race nor a religion. People were emprisoned often tortured, mostly starved, abused and killed.
    I think it is wrong to emphasize the killing of jews and ignore the millions of gypsies, christians, atheists, communists, and simplly people against the nazi that were arrested, beaten, and emprisoned in those camps.
    Dont forget that over half of the people who died in auchwitz and other concentration camps were not jews.
    Its not a question about massacre of jews by germans, its a matter of people being massacred by germans for years.
    I think its about time that historians and jewish and israelian face that and aknowledge that.
    It isa crime agaisnt humanity not jsut agaisnt jews.
    By focusing only on jews you take the focus away form all the others who were kiled, and in fact most people dont even know that more non jews were kiled in those camps, and even beleive that only jews were arested and kiled by the germans.
    For justice to be done, nobody must be forgotten.
    It is also terrible for young israelians to be tought that only jews were killed. It color their vison of th eworld and their identity negativly, and it should be avoided.
    No wonder that israelian soldier hate palestinian so much. I am sure tha tthey report their hatress on germans nazi onto palestinians, and i am also sure that it is encourage by certain fraction of authority in israle who should be stoped.
    Dont forget too that most countries in europe had democraticaly voted the communist parti at thier latest election, as well in germany as in Frnace, Italy, Spain, and even in USA and england the communist parti was getting very big and realying a lot of people.
    It is only later on that being a communist was forbiden in USA, but in the 30'es it was very popualr.
    Italy made a coup d'etat to hinder comunist to takle power, so did germany and so did France and Spain.
    Instead we had Franco in spain who colaborated with germany and hitler in germany and mussolini in Italy.
    All of them dictatorial undemocratical facists and nazist who controled the populations and used propaganda.
    The first peole ot be arrested were communists and deported alos to auchiwtz later on, were communists and political prisoners.
    You are mixing things up when you talk of facist nazist and communist in the same sentence, there is a big fdifference between the dictatur of the bolcheviks and staline in USSR and the communst partis in Europe.
    You should therefor be ashame to dont know that and in worse to balme communists and nazi as if they were one and the same!
    it is odious!

  15. It is also the communist parti in france who was told that there was gaz chambers in the concentration camps and who informed immediatly the popualtion by making posters that they put in the street of paris under the german occupation to alert the population of what was going on and get their help to save jewish families. The reaction was instantatnious and many people hleped.
    Dont forget either that all popualtion were touched by the excess of germans and that they kidnaped all young form 14 years of age to send them to germnay to work in their fields as all grmans were send as soldiers.
    Most of them never came back and died there.
    This war was a tragedy for all. not only for jews. Thje nazi didnt care about life nor human beings and had no respect at all for others but themselves.
    it show together with USSR what propaganda and elitisme and indoctrination can do to people and what they can make them believe and do,.
    And its not a closed chapter people are endoctrined in israel and in the wolrd otbeleive things who are not true, wether its about thier own historie or other nations or how finans work and what must be done ot solve tghe crisis and how things are hidden. All is so corruypted everywherre its hard ot beleive we can know anything that is actualyh true.
    Most regular popualtions were also massacred in france in 1912 to 1918.
    I think that forcing people to go to war is no better like napoleon did and milions got kiled, time after time, generation after generations, then came ww1 and then ww2, so many people died, so many father sons grand son and mothers and daughters.
    Dont forget either that had not been for the greed of the natgions after WW1 agasint germnay , starving the contry and its unhabitant, hitler wil have never been able to msuter people to come to war again and to be so easily manipulated and propaganded with idea of a greate german and idealised pictures.
    If we had real democratie, if the people's revolutions had not been stolen in the egg, so those wars wil have never taken place, nor the Napoleonians wars, and theactual crisis wil have been made impossible.
    You do not live in a democratie because you go ot vote. Democratie is when any of you cna be president.
    having to vote fro some is not a choice its a fake choice what you do is puting yor liberty and your democratie in the hands of the few and thats not democratie.
    Democratie by tirage au sort is the alone true democratie.
    We do not live in democratie, we live in a ilusion of democratie people no longer know the definiton of it and are brian washed in beleiving that what we ahve is a democratie when its not.
    if people had more power that kidnof horror will never could happen.

  16. Democratie is whe the people, as a community, write their own cosntitution together themsleves and not soemone else or a few in their palce, and can change that constitution themselves when they mean its needed and when all decisiosn who ocncern all are taken after a referendum.

  17. I wonder that rotchild role in this war is not mentioned. USA suported hitler to begin with and all big american business and companies. they produce things for hitler and even provided him with special codes systems.
    They like hitler cause he was agaisnt the communists and arrsted comunists and workers organisations memebrs and leaders .
    hitler was agaisnt the peple and agaisnt democratie and so were staline and musolini and franco and the member of the american goverment and leader of big frima who collaborated with hitlers in the 30'es until 1942-43
    Rotchild also gave moneyto hitler, he alos got jews israel in 1918 so they like ot forget that important aspect of the stgory, but he alos fuklfiled his own plan and got jews deported to israel form 1934 to 1943.
    he was in contact with leaders of the SS parti and its only wen the gestapo took over that the transit of jews to israel stoped.. but also because allies were able to begin to make hitler lose the war.
    Hilters knew form june 1943 that he was about to lose it.
    He had the atom bomb, he had drones, but not only was it too late but the atom bombe made USA react in fear and finaly come to help.

    Milions of people also died in asiatic countries, its incredible the massacre this war was all over the wolrd.
    How many died in all?
    20 milons?
    30 millons?
    6 milions died in the camps, and of them a bit over 3 millons were not jews.
    and most jews dont even know that. i wonder why.
    When will the propaganda of lies stop and when wil th epeople be able to knwo the truth and reflect over it instead ot be given half truth and half lies so that they keep in the dark?
    It has even become taboo to tell that millions of non jews did in the camps.. For God sake! How can this be accepted.
    We shoul instead put our thoughts and power on trying to create a real democratical system ofr all us in the wolrd and for the so call democratic countries like europe and USA, to insure that people ar no longer being lied to and abused.
    thats our best cure agaisnt war and massacres.
    Like the Cathares said: The truth will set you free.
    and it wil set us all free indeed.

  18. Beleive it or not but the same mechanismes who were the reason for that war and who dictatged it its goals are the same ones who crated the actual finacial crisis and who make sure that it keep that way.
    We are being fooled in bekleiving lies and that austherity wil bring betterment when its the on taxation of the ultra rich who caused the crisis and that not taxing them up to 75% wil jsuit keep the crisis and make sure it ocvcur agian,
    as long as the money people dont feel the crisis but make money on it theywont let it go.
    they wil fill you wit more lies and use the same tools who caused the crisis to resilve it! No wonder we are still in the crisis.
    During that war big money was at stake too to get out of a finacila crisis too..,
    how come USA for the first time in its historie was rich and no longer in debt after the secodn world war?

    The ugly aspect of it..

    They all died for money.. for that a few cold make money out of their dead bodies.
    and halas! it is still the case!
    todfay with actual people but also with those who died during the massacres inthe 30'es and early 40'es.
    They are stil not telign you the truth ofr fear you migth beable to see them thorugh today and realised its the same actors and interessants who are taking care of business as usual while milons starve and have their life destroyed.

    People here critisised germany today, but my dear if it wasnt for germanis money the entire european system wil have falled out and all europpean cotnries will be bankrupted andso will USA with it..
    and with bnobody to order stuff so will china's economy also go down.
    But i can see how advantageosu it must be for the real actos behind the scen ot use germany as the easy crook to put in front so nobody can se who is really manipulating themarkeds and suking them dry.
    like Goldman sachs and moody to name samll ones and like the different mafias and cartels of oour oh so very corrupted nations and governements.
    it is a sad world we live into. What will eliminate corruption totaly?
    What can we do at this stage to clean up our act before its too late?

    italian mafia russian mafia chineese mafia latin american mafias american mafia, they are all so dep ingrowed inside our governements and monetary systems that hope is all out. they control the finacial aspect of our life and nations while we have let them decide that it was the economical aspect who had te most power. and thereby we have let them be abkle to decide over our leadrs and governments.
    We are stil being abused and be done wahtever with.
    wahts the difference in essence between those images of concentration camps, and waht is going on rigth now inthe world? in the textile eindustry aka bangladesh, in europe how poeple are forced down, controled, and taken their most basic rights away?

    oh we are not in the 20'es 30'es so it loks better in the surface, but has it really changed that much?

    Sorry for the typos hope you can read it anyway.

  19. Support Israel Agains palestina the terror people

  20. Rie Olsen...The two biggest concentration camp existing in the world were established by Israel, Palestinians have no economy, productive jobs, no money and everything has been taken away by Israel, they are treated as a sub humans...And yes, you are right, there is a handful of lunatics Palestinians that believe that violence is the answer, but you can not repeat the savage punishment imposed by the Nazis to the occupied countries over the Palestinian population...that is the point where victims meets their jailers...Israel is acting as the Nazis about the Palestinian people.... make no mistake, violence is violence, Palestinian should not be killing Israel people, and Israel should not be keeping Palestinian in those concentration camps that they call West Bank and Gaza Strip. And you should get some education before bray as a donkey

  21. Nice photos of a prison camp, which is what it is. Not a concentration camp, a prison camp. Not unlike those in America and Europe today.

    There were no gas chambers, only delousing and fumigation chambers.

    People died, in droves, in some of these Nazi prison and labor camps later in the war. This was due to disease primarily, and secondarily from Allied blockades of supply lines and goods. The free German people were starving at that time as well. In a way, you can blame the Allies. They starved them and deprived them of medicine. Germany was being boycotted, remember.

    Six million Jews did not die. The mathematics does not sustain it. The many surviving Jews, and video and photographs of these camps, show that the inmates were treated well. You have to expect some abuses, in any camp. Ask the Japanese, or the million Eisenhower starved out.

    Hitler never bombed any civilian targets until the British started this practice. Read about the massacre at Dresden when you get done with Eisenhower.

    Those dead bodies you see piled up, if not from typhus, typhoid, or starvation, are likely photographs of Russians taken in Russia. Of course you don't know Stalin murdered over 20 million, because you are never told that. Those victims extend the Jewish-instigated Communist crimes which began with the Opium Wars. Russian Jews massacred those tens of millions in protest of the Christian Tsar.

    The Nuremberg Trials were presided over by a congregation of Jews and the Star of David, and if you research that you will find that Germans did nothing against war protocols of the time. Again, you can expect exceptions (like Eichmann), but there was no "program" to kill Jews. Germans just wanted them the hell out of their country. And who can blame them.

    By the way, Israel is today's #1 terrorist, treats Palestinians like slaves in the land of their fathers, while these European/Mongolian/Khazar demons wrap themselves in the "Jew" clothing for the sole reason of taking the land "promised" to Jews by Jehovah. Israel also runs the United States and most of Europe. They hire from within, hire their own only, and so they infest everywhere like rats and roaches and all kinds of vermin. When someone utters a peep against, like to say "you are not really Jews at all," they rally around each other and scream "NAZI" and "ANTI-SEMITE," and call for the death of whomever would dare speak against them.

    Look at them. Then look at people native to the Levant. Tell me what business these Khazars have in Palestine, a land they never conquered, and have no right to be in. They would not hold it now, were it not for supplies and money pumped into that country by the USA and NATO. Germany treated these people, at one time, like kings, and look what they did to Germany. The world, since then, has treated them like the kings they say and belive they are. Looki what they are doing to the world.

    1. You lying idiot
      You and your nazi propoganda
      yep - no jews killed at ww2
      and the jews kill palestinians for fun
      take a look at syria and see thier true behaviour
      and the UN does nothing to stop the masacare in syria

      bloody hypocrites

  22. Please, what is the source of the photos? "Life" magazine? Knew you what number and year of publication?

    Thank and congratulations for this great bloc!

  23. the Word Nazi Comes from Ashkenazi but there are dire consequences if you teach the facts.



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