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January 13, 2013

Black and White Photos of Iceland in 1930

Women at Thingvellir, Iceland

Horses at Thingvellir, Iceland

Woman at Thingvellir, Iceland

Students in a tent at Thingvellir, Iceland

Thingvellir Church, Iceland

Three men from the Faeroe Islands, Thingvellir, Iceland

The Viking at Armansfell, Thingvellir, Iceland

King Christian X visiting the student camp at Thingvellir, Iceland

 Aeroplane at lake Thingvallavatn, Thingvellir, Iceland

View of Thingvellir, Iceland

View of Reykjavik, Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Salvation Army House in Reykjavik, Iceland

(Photos by Berit Wallenberg, via Swedish National Heritage Board)

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  1. My dad was there in WWII and says it is beautiful country

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