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August 20, 2012

Old Portraits of Eskimos from the Early 20th Century

Eskimo Man reading a copy of the Saturday Evening Post, 1913

An Eskimo Family building an igloo, 1924

An Eskimo Hunter is in a kayak, and is about to throw a harpoon

An Eskimo man enjoying some music on a record player, 1922

A couple of Eskimo Men hunting Walrus, 1920

A group of Eskimo Whalers, 1929

Eskimo Berry Pickers. The picture was taken near Nome, Alaska in the early 1900's.

Portrait of an old Eskimo man, 1929

An Eskimo child, 1929

A beautiful Eskimo girl, 1929

Eskimo with dogs in sailboat, 1929

Eskimos in kayaks, 1929

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome photos! Thanks for posting them! They're simply great! Kinda make me "nostalgic"... weird, uh?



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