August 12, 2012

Girls From Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969. The legendary music festival is celebrated during three days by thousands of people, especially women of all ages whose style and attitude were immortalized by photographers from all around the world. In color or black and white, the atmosphere of this ode to music is perfectly captured, in a place where it wasn’t unusual to bump into the great Janis Joplin.

As you’ll see from the pictures below fashion was a big part of the message too. Vibrant colors, expressive designs and strife to show your unique point of view were all the rage back then.


  1. does anyone know or have any info on the Atlanta pop festival of 1969....I have a 32x32 poster of the event from a friend that was a journialist for that event...just want to know if it was as popular or anything about it...the poster is in excellent conditon...thanks



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