May 6, 2012

Life in Newcastle in the 1800's

Quayside, possibly near the Fish Market, fish seller and small crowd gathered around.

Sandhill, looking north-west towards the railway viaduct. Includes numbers 38-41, premises of B J Sutherland and Co, flour, grain, and provisions merchant; H and W Robertson, hay and straw merchants; J Richardson, hairdresser; J Edminson, corn and salt dealer and Newton and Co, india rubber merchants.

Percy Street, looking south, including number 38, Johnson Hedley, wholesale confectioner. nd (1882)

Gosforth High Street on Race Day nd 1900

Black Gate, looking northwards towards St Nicholas Cathedral, 1886

Black Gate, close-up of the gateway with a woman leaning against a shop doorway, 1880

Castle Garth, looking towards St Nicholas Cathedral from the corner of Dog Leap Stairs 1881

Castle Garth Stairs, (site of many clogmakers shops), looking towards the Castle Keep, 1881

The Side, looking east, featuring number 86, the birthplace in 1786 of Admiral (later Lord) Cuthbert Collingwood, 1880

Barges at the Mansion House Quay Newcastle. Date nd [Ascension Day, 26 May 1881]

Sandgate, looking east. Includes corner of Milk Market, number 12, the Three Bulls Heads, 1882

Stockbridge, looking east, 1880



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