Monday, May 14, 2012

Korean War - Rare and Unpublished Photos From LIFE Magazine

An American serving in Korea, 1952.

American and United Nations troops enjoy a Jack Benny performance at a USO show in Korea, July, 1951.

Refugees cross into South Korea, March, 1951.

Turkish Army soldier on duty in Korea, 1951.

F-86 Sabres from the Fifth Air Force in Korea, 1953. The Korean War was the first conflict in which the Sabre saw action.

Three soldiers, Korea, June, 1952.

An American military man takes a nap, Korea, 1951.

South Korean and American officers pore over maps in a 1952 Margaret Bourke-White photo.

Turkish soldiers attend to a wounded prisoner, Korea, 1951.

Slaughtered South Korean prisoners and peasants, 1952.

Troops on patrol in Korea, 1952.

Bullets and gunpowder, November, 1952.

South Korean troops, 1952.

LIFE's Margaret Bourke-White shares a meal with South Korean troops in the field, 1952.

Wounded South Koreans, 1952.

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