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May 25, 2012

Creepy Vintage Ads Featuring Children

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, kids were used to promote cigarettes, firearms, drugs and much more. Many of the ads — which feature things like cellophane-wrapped infants and gun-toting toddlers — seem irresponsible and creepy.

7-Up -- Soda (1956)

Ayer's -- Cathartic pills (1890s)

Young Fritz -- Cigar box label

Camel -- Cigarettes (1946)

Douglas -- Aircraft (1949)

DuPont -- Cellophane (1954)

GE -- Sun Lamp (1941)

General Foods -- Sanka Decaf Coffee (1951)

General Mills -- Trix Cereal (1957)

Gillette -- Safety razor (1905)

Grove’s -- Tonic (1890s)

Iver Johnson -- Revolvers (1913)

Lane Bryant -- Clothing (1950s)

Lloyd Manufacturing Co. -- Cocaine toothache drops (1885)

Love's Cosmetics -- Baby Soft lotion (1974)

Mattel -- M16 Marauder toy (1967)

Pears -- Soap (1890s)

Philip Morris -- Cigarettes (1956)

Philip Morris -- Marlboro Cigarettes (1951)

Rainier -- Beer (1905)

The Distillers Company -- Distaval sedatives (1960)

(via Business Insider)


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