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March 5, 2012

Interesting Photos of Famous Photographer's Self-portraits

© Felix Nadar & Adrien Tournachon, Pierrot photographer by the mime Debureau, 1854

© Ed van der Elsken, Self-portrait with Ata Kandó, Paris, 1953

© Germaine Krull, Self-portrait with Ikarette, 1925

© Helmut Newton, Self-portrait with model, Hotel Bijou, Paris, 1973

© Hank Walker

© Ilse Bing, Self-Portrait in Mirrors, 1931

© Oscar Graubner, Margaret Bourke-White working a top the Chrysler Building, 1934

© Umbo (Otto Umbehr), Self-portrait with Leica, 1952

© Willy Ruge, Arno Boettcher, 1927

© André Kertész, Self-portrait, Paris, 1927

© Nobuyoshi Araki, Self-portrait

© Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton with nude, 1946

© Daido Moriyama, Self-portrait with Dogs, 1997

© Andreas Feininger, The Photojournalist, 1951

© Paul S. Taylor, Dorothea Lange pictured in Texas, 1934

© Edouard Boubat, Self-portrait with Lella, 1951

© René Burri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, New York, 1959

© Lee Friedlander, Self-portrait, 1997

© Weegee, Lisette Model, 1946

© Martin Munkacsi

© Peter Seker, Walker Evans, 1935-1936

© Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Richard Avedon, New York, 1966

© Gerda Taro, Robert Capa, Segovia Front, Spain, 1937

© Robert Doisneau, La petite monique, 1934

© Sally Mann, Self-portrait, 1974

© Vivian Maier, Self-portrait

© Willy Ronis, Self-portrait, 1955


  1. Great pictures you post here! Very inspiring as i'm interested into vintage photography and I also try to take pictures by analog and to build old, melancholic atmosphere, please, check my blog sometimes:

  2. Very nice photos! It's very rare to see photographs of the people behind those great photographs. I love the creativity of the self portrait of Vivian Maier.



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