March 27, 2012

Rare Color Photographs of Hippie Peddlers on the Streets of New York City in the Late 1960s

We're not sure what the criteria was to be labelled a Hippy in LIFE magazine, perhaps it was having a hairstyle that was over two inches long, as some of these street vendors from a photo set titled Hippie Peddlers don't look like hippies.

Despite this, here are some great photos of people selling their wares on the streets of America in the late 1960s (maybe early '70s). These rare and unpublished photographs were taken by Yale Joel, an original staff member of LIFE magazine.

(Photos by Yale Joel/ LIFE archives, via Voices of East Anglia)

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  1. And all of these entrepreneurs were accomplishing what they were and did without the benefit of the Internet.



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