Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Soviet people were protesting and demonstrating on the regular basis but never against their own government. Well, that’s not exactly true. At least a few Soviet people tried to demonstrate and protest against their own government but in most cases were quickly swept up and ended up with lengthy prison sentences, forced psychiatric treatment or, in the best scenario, a house arrest. At the same time anti-American or anti-imperialist demonstrations were encouraged and sometimes mandatory.

Moscow. Soviet youth demonstrating against the war. The large white sign in the center says: "Shame on the Washington Provocateurs" ©A.Shogin 1984.

Russian students demonstrating against US blockade of Cuba. Moscow, Russia.October 1962. ©Time Inc. Stan Wayman.

Russian police keeping order during demonstration against US blockade of Cuba.Signs: "Shame on Aggressors", "Hands Off Cuba" ©Time Inc. Stan Wayman.

Demonstration At The American Embassy In Moscow. "Cuba - Yes, Yankees - No!" 1961 ©Time Inc. James Whitmore

"Shame on American Imperialism" ©Time Inc. James Whitmore

"Hands Off Cuba" ©Time Inc. James Whitmore


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