Quuens of the World

The Bunnies of Miami - Oct 1965 issue

First issue of Playboy magazine

The first issue of Playboy 1953
The first issue, published in December 1953, did not carry a date, as Hefner was unsure whether there would be a second issue. It was produced in Hefner's Hyde Park kitchen. The first centerfold was Marilyn Monroe, although the picture used had originally been taken for a calendar, rather than for Playboy. The first issue was an immediate sensation; it sold out within a matter of weeks. Known circulation was 53,991 (Source: Playboy Collector's Association Playboy Magazine Price Guide). The cover price was 50¢. Copies of the first issue in Mint to Near Mint condition sold for over $5,000 in 2002.

TV ad

Hitler spotted in a crowd in August 1914


Marilyn Monroe

puck smoking tobacco 1879

VW Kombie van

Washington circa 1924. Cathedral Mansions Grocery


July 1939. Gordonton, N.C

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor by Audra Lamoreaux

Cottage by the Sea


Actrice Jane Renouardt, 1900


Back when lunch was less than a buck! A burger, fries, and a Coke resting on the window of a '55 Che

Sign outside the strange town of Zion, Illinois, ca. 1915

Family cc. 1928

Rita Hayworth

post by Rado A man standing in front of the tank - CzechoSlovakia 1968

Mississippi River Landing, Circa 1900

Norma-Jean, 1949


Old vintage car interior in Cuba

Accident car in Washington D.C. 1922



gangerous girl

The Four Musketeers

Sue Lyon (Lolita)

Ziegfeld Girls