Friday, November 28, 2014

A Rainy Day in Amsterdam, ca. 1908

Photo by Bernard Eilers

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Interesting Black and White Photographs of Street Scenes of Moscow in the 1970s

Vladimir, a photographer, was enjoying taking photos of life around him in the city of Moscow in the 1970s. In his photos people tend to smile less. Here are some of sample photographs...

Old Photos of Women Smoking Cigarettes from the 1930s

A collection of 15 black and white photos showing women smoking cigarettes, circa 1930s.

Actress, drug addict and [It Girl] Brenda Dean Paul (1907–1959, centre) leaves court after facing drugs charges, July 1933. She is holding a tin of large Sub Rosa cigarettes. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Janet Allen, a professional dancing partner at Streatham Dance Hall, enjoying breakfast in bed. (Photo by Picture Post/Getty Images). 1939

Two Nurses demonstrate their objection to a smoking ban. (Photo by London Express/Getty Images). 1938

Nurses at the Salford Royal Hospital take advantage of the newly-opened smoking facilities, providing a smoke room for off duty staff. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). 1938

Two women in yachting caps. One is lighting her cigarette from the others. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). 9th May 1936

The Thanksgiving parade passes down Broadway in 1930

Color Photographs of Las Vegas' Nightlife in 1955

These pictures of Las Vegas' strip in the 1950s were taken by LIFE photographer Loomis Dean, who was known to always have at least three cameras around his neck...

Holmes Bakery, Ford truck, ca. 1923

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving: Upside Down Turkeys? and Navy Cooks

According to a Navy chef in 1956, the best way to roast your turkey is upside down.

Not one housewife out of a hundred really knows how to roast that Thanksgiving turkey, so says the Navy! They always roast it upside down, with the breast sticking up. The right way to do it is to turn the bird over and keep the meaty breast and legs out of the drying heat at the top of the oven. That way the meat is more succulent and tender.