Monday, December 22, 2014

Black and White Photos of Los Angeles Public Transit Areas, 1975

Pictures of Ellis Island Immigrations from ca. 1900-1930

Ellis Island opened in 1892 as a federal immigration station, a purpose it served for more than 60 years (it closed in 1954). Millions of newly arrived immigrants passed through the station during that time–in fact, it has been estimated that close to 40 percent of all current U.S. citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island.

Ellis Island, N.Y. - immigrants from "Princess Irene", 1911.

Ellis Island, N.Y. - one of the "1000 marriageable girls" on the "Baltic", 1907.

Ellis Island, N.Y. - view from the torch of "Liberty", 1908.

Immigrants from "Prinzess Irene" going to Ellis Island, 1911.

Steerage children at play on FREIDRICH DER GROSSE, ca. 1910.

Capitol Christmas Tree, 1913

A Christmas tree being put up at the steps of the US Capitol, 1913. The child on the Bicycle appears to be very interested in the project. (via Old Picture of the Day)

Hilarious Portraits of Moviegoers Through a Trick 'Two-way' Mirror, 1946

In 1946, from the darkened interior of a stuffy booth in the lobby of Loew's Criterion cinema in Times Square, LIFE photographer Yale Joel stole portraits of unguarded moviegoers through a transparent or 'two-way' mirror. Here are some of hilarious and surprising portraits...

Woman smoothing her eyebrow

Woman moistening her lips, while others are checking out their own profiles

Man cleaning his glasses

Man adjusting his overcoat and grimacing

Man adjusting his pants

A rare photo of Marilyn Monroe on her way to the premiere of 'Monkey Business', 1952

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Amazing Color Photographs of Streets Scenes of New York City in the 1970s

Helen Levitt (1913 – 2009) was an American photographer. She was particularly noted for "street photography" around New York City, and has been called "the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time." Here, below is a collection of wonderful color photographs of streets scenes of New York City taken by Levitt in the 1970s.

Artist Replaces Guns from Historic Photos with Flowers

A French creative who goes by the name Mister Blick fuses vintage black and white photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers. The monochromatic pictures depict men at war, and we see them among the trenches and fighter jets. But, instead of guns in their hands, Blick has seamlessly replaced them with luscious blooms. It gives the illusion that the soldiers are fighting with these larger-than-life petals and stems rather than bullets.

(via My Modern Met)