Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wonderful Color Photos of Russia in 1958

Here's a collection of wonderful color photos of Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev in 1958.

James Dean posing with a coffin, 1955

Photographer Dennis Stock met James Dean in Hollywood in January 1955 and, intrigued, began to photograph him. Following him on a visit to his birthplace in Fairmount, Indiana, to New York City, and back to Hollywood, Stock recorded unforgettable images of the young actor in both his professional and private worlds. In one of a photo series of shots, Dean decided to eerily pose inside of a coffin at the local department store in Fairmount. Sadly, this would be the last time Dean ever returned alive to his boyhood home. He died on September 30, 1955, in a car accident, near Paso Robles, CA. He is buried in Park Cemetery in Fairmount.

Street scene in River Falls, Wisconsin, ca. 1880s

Amazing Vintage Photos of Street Life in London from the Victorian Era

These incredible snapshots of life for Londoners in Victorian Britain were taken by photojournalist John Thomson in 1877.

Photography on Clapham Common

The street locksmith

A convicts home

The dramatic shoe black

Convent garden labourers

Cold girls in bathing suits, ca. 1940s

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Photographs of James Dean Taken Hours before His Death in 1955

On the morning of September 30, 1955 James Dean picked up his new Porshe Spyder that he recently purchased at an autoshop in Hollywood where he was having his car serviced in preparation for a race he was entering Salinas. Since the Porsche had less than the required mileage to enter the race Dean decided to drive the car up himself and was accompanied by mechanic Rolf Wutherich.

On the way up at 3:30pm Dean was given a citation for speeding and afterwards he and Wutherich stopped at Blackwell’s Corner to purchase some apples. Shortly after continuing they approached an intersection near Cholame when 23 year old Donald Turnupseed was making a left turn, unaware of Dean approaching. James Dean saw Turnupseed and tried to swerve out of the way but could not avoid the impact.

Turnupseed walked away with minor injuries, Wutherich was thrown from the car and survived but Dean was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead at 24.

This is the last official photograph of movie legend James Dean snapped on the morning of his fatal car crash on 30th Sept 1955. Dean is in the driving seat with mechanic Rolf Wutherich alongside him.

Some claim this photo of Dean at a petrol station with his Porsche is the last one taken of him before his death.

The actor gives the thumbs-up sign from the car while parked on Vine Street in Hollywood. Dean, who had taken up racing the year before, owned the car only nine days when he lost his life in the crash.

This image of the back of Dean's car as he was driving is also claimed by some to be the last picture taken of him before he died.

The wreck of Dean's car is removed from the scene of the crash in which the star was killed.

(via Daily Mail Online)

Rare Female Portraits of Rural America from 1909-1912

These female portraits made by an itinerant photographer named Hugh Mangum, who rode the trains to the small towns of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.