Saturday, October 25, 2014

Children Playing at the Berlin Wall, 1963

Thomas Hoepker is one of the most acclaimed Magnum photographers. He has been working as a photojournalist for 60 years and captured life in East Germany from 1959 to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Below is a collection of interesting black and white photographs of children playing along the Berlin Wall taken by Hoepker in 1963.

Child with scooter at the Berlin Wall. This pedestrian way belongs to the Soviet Sector of Berlin.

Two boys in leather shorts standing on a viewing platform at the western side of the Berlin Wall.

Children playing at the Berlin Wall in Berlin Wedding.

A child playing by the Berlin Wall. The latin words "IN TYRANNOS" has been written in capital letters on the Wall. West-Berlin.

A man takes souvenir photos of his sons at the Berlin Wall near Bernauer Strasse. West-Berlin Wedding.

Black and White Photos of Children in Halloween Costumes from the 1970s

In the mid-'70s, New York-based photographer Larry Racioppo went around the streets to capture black and white photographs of youngsters running around in their Halloween costumes. The results are a bit creepy, but ultimately endearing.

Little boy bottle feeding piglet, ca. 1920

Beautiful and Sexy Vintage Woman Cabinet Cards

The cabinet card was a style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after 1870. It consisted of a thin photograph mounted on a card typically measuring 108 by 165 mm (4¼ by 6½ inches). Here's a collection of 15 beautiful and sexy vintage woman cabinet cards.

Philadelphia St., Whittier, CA, 1924

Friday, October 24, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor Goes Leopard

Here's a collection of 10 pictures of beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in Leopard.

Interesting Vintage Photos of Life of Huron County, Canada in the Late 19th Century

Posed picture of four men and bicycles after crash on path; three women in background, ca. 1897.

A boy holding a stick contemplates hitting backside of a large man who is standing in front of fence reading a newspaper, ca. 1890.

Bathing in Lake Huron, ca. 1897.

Two women laying among foliage; both wear long-sleeved blouses with ties at neck; woman in front lays across the lap of the other; two hats in foreground, wide-brimmed straw hat on left, hat trimmed with flowers on right.

Studio portrait of two children dressed for winter, ca. 1892.

Mugshot of Elvis taken in 1970

This mugshot was taken in 1970 at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC, when Elvis visited President Nixon. (via)

Vintage Photographs of British Women at Work in World War I

Here's a collection from UBC Library Digital Collections consists of vintage photographs of British women at work during World War I.

General view of brass fittings shop

Women inspecting motor engine parts

Women loading nitrate of soda into a skip

Women straightening and bending steel girder

Women painting steel work

Women hiking their skirts at the shoreline of the beach in Averne, New York, 1897

Gertrude Hubbell, Ruth Peters and Mildred Grimwood, hiking their skirts at the shoreline of the beach in Averne, Queens, New York, NY photo by Wallace G. Levison, September 8, 1897 (via)