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October 16, 2017

Extra! Weegee – Striking Vintage Photographs Capture Everyday Life in New York City in the Late 1930s and Early ’40s

No photographer came close to capturing the sensations, scandals, and catastrophes of 1930s and ’40s New York like Ascher Fellig, a.k.a Weegee (1899-1968). His striking images—captured through his uncanny ability to be on the spot and ready to shoot when things happened—have become part of the visual vocabulary through which we understand the period.

According to Retronaut, in 2012, a forgotten trove of Weegee images was found in a Midwest storage facility. Those photos have been collected in a new book, Extra! Weegee, edited by Daniel Blau.

In this book, we see new angles on many of his familiar subjects—from the hardened police officer to the loud-mouthed crook; the midnight boozer to the dancing jazz musician; a dramatic conflagration to the celebrations at the end of World War II—but we also get a glimpse of an unknown side of Weegee through surprising photographs of happy people enjoying themselves. The works are complemented by a fascinating account of the rediscovery of the archive, which had been missing for decades.

c. 1939: "Nobody Works on Labor Day!"

c. 1939: "St. Martins Church."

Dec. 15, 1939: Henrietta Torres and her daughter Ada outside a deadly tenement fire in Brooklyn.

Jan. 1, 1940: “Ice Sheathed Firemen at Coney Island New Year’s Eve Fire."

1940: Buddy the bulldog hangs out among the milk bottles in the lobby of 850 Park Avenue.

Vintage Photographs Reveal the Life Inside Manchester’s Notorious Strangeways Prison in the 1940s

Shot by Bert Hardy in November 1948, these black and white images show prisoners carrying out remedial tasks such as untying knots in post office string and sewing mail bags. Other intriguing shots show lags doing their daily one hour outdoor exercise, being frisked for contraband items by officers during a routine “rub down” and serving evening meals.

Strangeways was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and opened in 1868 alongside the now destroyed Manchester Assize Courts. The prison is known for its prominent ventilation tower and imposing design, structured by the principles of the separate system.

A prison officer frisking prisoners during the “rub-down” at Strangeways Prison

A prison officer supervising prisoners as they take out their night-slops at Strangeways Prison.

Prison officers watching over prisoners as they take their daily hour of outdoor exercise at Strangeways Prison.

Prison officers watching prisoners return from their daily outdoor exercise at Strangeways Prison.

Prison officer Davidson interviewing a group of new prisoners in the reception room at Strangeways Prison.

33 Amazing Photos That Capture Street Scenes and Architecture of Czechoslovakia in 1976

Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its peaceful dissolution into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993.

Ard Hesselink took these amazing pictures in 1976 when he was on a bicycling holiday in Czechoslovakia.
“Holidaying in the repressive atmosphere of a Soviet occupation wasn't all fun and games but photographically it was a goldmine for me.”

October 15, 2017

Amazing Vintage Photographs Document Logging and Lumber Activities in the Pacific Northwest at the Turn of the Century

Darius Kinsey was a pioneer artist active as a photographer in the Northwest from the late 19th century to 1940. He was born in Missouri in 1869. Arriving in Snoqualmie, Washington at the age of 20, he went into the hotel and mercantile business, but soon after became intrigued with the art of photography. After learning the photography trade, he was hired by the Seattle and Lake Shore Railroad Co. and spent the next five years taking views along its line. At the same time, he started his pictorial documentation of life in the logging camps, photographing every aspect of logging in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1896 he married Tabitha May Pritts and a year later started a studio in Sedro-Wooley. He depended on portraiture to earn a living, but also continued to photograph scenic views. Tabitha served as her husband's assistant, working in a darkroom at home, processing negatives received from the field and sending the finished photographic prints back to the logging sites.

Often using an 11x14 Eastman View camera, Kinsey photographed the entire logging process: early mornings in logging camps; the fallers posed with their axes, cross-cut saws and springboards; buckers crosscutting fallen timber; loading operations with steam donkey engines and ginpoles; logging railroads hauling their loads to Northwest mills. His images form a visual history of logging: from skid road logging with horses and sleds at the turn of the century to Diamond-T logging trucks and highlead logging operations in the 1920s.

In 1940, he broke several ribs in a fall from a stump which ended his photographic career. He died five years later in 1945.

Liverpool in the 1980s: Amazing Photographs Captured a City That Refused to Lie Down in the Face of Adversity

The 1980s were a time of turmoil and upheaval for Liverpool. Unemployment and economic instability led to widespread disquiet, culminating in public shows of resistance such as the 1981 Toxteth Riots. Liverpool also elected its first Labour council in 1983, who promised to stand up for what they saw as unjust cuts under the Thatcher government. However, the people of Liverpool were strong in the face of this upheaval, and glimpses of light can be found in dark times.

Dave Sinclair became interested in Liverpool’s urban landscape while was studying Art at Liverpool Polytechnic in 1980, and began shooting the people, streets, derelict factories, docks and protests around him throughout the decade. As official photographer for the Militant, his stunning images show a city that refused to lie down in the face of adversity.


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