Wednesday, October 26, 2016

37 Adorable Vintage Snapshots of Children in Their Halloween Costumes during the 1960s

This is what Halloween costumes of children looked like in the 1960s.

Flapper Halloween, 1926

52 Amazing Color Photographs Documented Street Scenes of Downtown Manhattan in 1980

Lower Manhattan, also known as Downtown Manhattan, is the southernmost part of Manhattan, the central borough for business, culture, and government in the City of New York, which itself originated at the southern tip of Manhattan Island in 1624.

Here below is a collection of color photographs capturing street scenes of Downtown Manhattan in 1980.

Central Park West and 72nd Street, NYC, 1965

30 Popular Vintage Toys from the 1970s

In the 1970s, some major advances in computer technology started to influence children's toys during the decade as evident in the simply computerized game of Simon and the development of the Atari computer and gaming system.

Popular culture also continued to greatly influence the types that were available, with many youngsters being able to recreate their favorite movies or television shows with matching actions figures and dolls.

Here, below is a list of the 30 most popular toys from the 1970s:

1. 1970s Barbie Dolls & Accessories

Barbie Dolls were popular through out the 70s and still are today, they have changed and evolved each year to cater for the latest fashions and trends, these are from 1971.

2. Atari 400 Home Computer System (Came Out in 1979)

One of the earliest home computer systems available to the general public, the Atari 400 Home Computer System which included Console, basic language cartridge, TV Switch box to plug into your TV and AC Adapter, this was an expensive item if you consider the average wage at the time was under $20,000 but they sold like hot cakes.

3. Vintage Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Oven unit includes cake mixes and utensils. It is always fun for young cooks to prepare and serve their own food, just select a mix, add water and place pan into tray then slide into oven. Oven measures 14 x 6 x 11 inches.

4. Vintage 1970s Pocket Transistor Radios

Pocket Transistor Radios became available as the new solid state technology allowed anything electrical to become smaller, they allowed kids to listen to their favorite pop music on the radio.

5. Hot Wheels Track and Cars

Anything with cars will always be popular, every boy wanted Hot Wheels cars and tracks for Christmas and Birthdays.

Rare Candid Photographs Captured Marilyn Monroe Getting Ready for a Night Out in 1955

The year is 1955 and one of the world’s most famous stars is preparing to attend a show on Broadway. Marilyn Monroe, then 28 years old, takes a few moments in her room to do her makeup, dab her neck with a drop of her favorite perfume, Chanel No. 5, and ready herself for the show. In these photographs, the star’s rare quiet moments in private are revealed, showing a Monroe that’s playful, demure and just like any other woman before a big night out.

These photographs were taken by Ed Feingersh at the Ambassador Hotel in New York City. Monroe was getting ready to see the Broadway premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Morosco Theatre.

Only two month later, in May 1955, Marilyn started to see Arthur Millar, the playwright. It had been six months since she divorced second husband Joe DiMaggio, whom she had been married to for less than a year.

Step beyond the bright lights of Hollywood with these photographs to see the private side of one of the world’s best loved, and perhaps most misunderstood star: Marilyn Monroe.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vinyl Look-Alikes: Funny Images Compare Music Album Covers That Look Very Similar from the 1960s

With hundreds of thousands of records released over the years, you’re bound to wind up with a lot of similar looking covers. Let's take a look at some of these funny examples:

Both have smoking hot female boxers (a good thing) and both use boxing puns (a very bad thing). “Greatest Hits” and “The Lady is a Champ”… get it?

Casey (of KC & the Sunshine Band) rides atop a giant champagne cork travelling across the sky. Joel Diamond, not to be outdone, rides with TWO lovely ladies atop a giant harmonica traveling across the sky.

Granted, sexing up a water hose for your album cover won’t get you listed with Sgt. Pepper as one of the greats; however, something tells me sexual hoses suits these albums perfectly.

Two chicks in egg chairs.

Usually, album covers take the time to remove any name brand tags from clothing…. not so with the free advertisement for H.I.S. jeans on the High Life record.