Monday, August 29, 2016

Adorable Vintage Snapshots Captured Funny Moments of Animals in the Past

Animals sometimes have their own moments...

Surf Avenue before the Boardwalk, Coney Island, NYC, 1896

Taste of a Decade: A Glimpse Inside American Restaurants and Cafeterias in the 1940s

During the war (1941-1945) the creation of 17 million new jobs finally pulls the economy out of the Depression. Millions of married women enter the labor force. The demand for restaurant meals escalates, increasing from a pre-war level of 20 million meals served per day to over 60 million. The combination of increased restaurant patronage with labor shortages, government-ordered price freezes, and rationing of basic foods puts restaurants in a squeeze. With gasoline rationing, many roadside cafes and hamburger stands close.

For a time after the war, rationing continues and wholesale prices stay high but patronage falls off as women leave jobs and return to the kitchen. Trained restaurant personnel are in short supply. Restaurants take advantage of food service methods and materials developed for the armed services. The frozen food industry supplies restaurants with fish, French fries, and baked goods. Boil-in bags of pre-cooked entrees become available. Fast food assembly lines and serving techniques used by the military are transferred to commercial establishments.

Here's a collection of 33 amazing vintage photographs that give us a glimpse inside American restaurants from the 1940s.

It's 1942 and we're back in San Francisco for another look at one of the many fine establishments made even finer by the installation of Buckley Music System's "Music Box." The eatery is Andy Wong's "Fair Famous" Mission Trails Restaurant, Harvey Lum, manager, at 500 Sutter Street.

San Francisco circa 1941. Restaurant counter. And another shot of the Buckley Music System "Music Box."

June 7, 1943. Restaurant soda fountain, Sausalito, California.

August 1941. Chickens raised by FSA borrowers is good right down to the bone. Sunday dinner for flying cadets at Craig Field, Selma, Alabama.

From San Francisco circa 1940 comes this uncaptioned photo of Joe DiMaggio and friend and at least a dozen cups of coffee.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

19 Vintage Ads for Fashion Wigs and Hairpieces from the 1960s and '70s

Everyone remembers the hairstyles of the 60s – afros, long hippy hair and the perfectly bouffanted look all go together to create an incredible era of hair. Whilst you might not have the hair you need for your costume; in the 1960s and '70s, these fashion wig ads for you to use and complete the look.

That '70s Class

A sixth-grade class at Mt. Rose Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania, 1971-1972. (via Shorpy)

Life During World War Two – 28 Lively Colorized Pictures of Children in the Early 1940s

The Second World War brought many changes to the lives of people, especially for children. Death of their parents, evacuation, the ruins...made them fear. Of course, there were also some cases more luckily. They all created lively paintings of childhood in this period.

Here below are some vintage pictures capturing everyday life of European children during WWII. They were colorized by Orianne W to make more vigorously.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane', 1962