Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pets during World War II

In 1941, LIFE magazine ran a series of photographs on what to do with your pets in the event of an air raid, both to keep them safe and to give them first aid if necessary.

Amazing Black and White Photos of Daily Life at Muscle Beach, California in 1954

Western Union Staff Member Photo, ca. 1910s

Western Union Staff Member Photo, ca. 1910s. Someone is in the window.

Photos of Berlin at The End of The War in 1945

Berlin as the capital and cultural center of the German Reich was bombed very heavily. With over 45,000 tons of bombs in two weeks the city was almost completely destroyed. The irreplaceable architectural gems of the Schlüter, Knobelsdorf, Schadow and Schinkel were annihilated. Palaces, museums, churches, monuments and cultural sites fell victim to the bombs. Overall, Berlin was bombed 363 times by British, American and Russian aircraft. About 50,000 civilians were killed. They burned, suffocated, were buried under the ruins or lacerated by the bombs.

A US Air Force Lieutenant is held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl soldier

A US Air Force Lieutenant is held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl soldier, 1967.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Photos of West Coast Youth of the 1950s

From the sun-drenched valleys of Southern California to the rain-drenched inlets of Puget Sound this new race of children, of whom some three million are now in school, have one big thing in common. It is a lust for the outdoors, and the richly scenic coast offers kids a maximum of temptation and a minimum of inconvenience in fulfilling it. Here LIFE shows some splendidly healthy West Coast youth energetically using its splendid outdoors. What use this generation eventually will make of its own tremendous energy, heaven only knows, but properly directed it should be sufficient to move the world.

Pictures of Female IRA fighters in the 1970s

In Ireland, there were females both in Republican groups such as the IRA, which are fighting against British forces in Northern Ireland, as well as in groups of Loyalists who are pro-state and support the continuation of British rule of the area. Usually the IRA women cadres performed certain non-military roles, in which they exploited traditional stereotypes of gender. The women became faceless very often wearing a mask and they used midi skirts thus revealing their femininity. They used to hide and carry weapons, as the British soldiers were loath to body search women because of the tremendous public revulsion it would create. Here's a small collection of portraits of female IRA fighters in the 1970s.

Job hunting in the 1930s

Motel Manager Pouring Acid Into Pool to Drive Blacks Out, 1964

On June 11, 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr was arrested for trespassing at the Monson Motor Lodge after being asked to leave from its segregated restaurant. This (and other things) helped spurn on a group of protesters, black and white, to jump into the pool as a strategically planned event to end segregation at motel pools. The pool at this motel was designated “white only.” Whites who paid for motel rooms invited blacks to join them in the motel pool as their guests. This swim-in was planned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and two associates. The motel manager, Jimmy Brock, in an effort to break up the party, poured a bottle of muriatic acid into the pool, hoping the swimmers would become scared and leave. One swimmer, who knew that the ratio of acid to pool water was so great that the acid was no longer a threat, drank some of the pool water to calm the other swimmers’ fears.

The manager of the motel James Brock was photographed pouring muriatic acid into the pool to get the protesters out.

When a group of white and negro integrationist entered a segregated motel pool, manager James Brock poured acid into it, shouting "I'm cleaning the pool."

Motel manager James Brock poured muriatic acid into the pool at the Monson Motor Lodge to try to get a group of demonstrators out ot the segregated pool. Later the demonstrators were arrested while Martin Luther King watched from across the street.

First blacks to enter swimmingpool at all white motel, June 18, 1964. Two rabbis had checked into the Monson Motor Lodge and the news media had been notified in advance that a "swim in" would occur at the pool on the afternoon of June 18, 1964. Two rabbi and five blacks were in the pool. Here an officer tries to hit one of the rabbis with his club. The demonstrators were arrested while Martin Luther King was across the street.

An off duty police officer jumped into the pool to fight with the rabbis during a "swim in" at the pool of the Monson Motor Lodge June 18, 1964.

A dog being posed by a German soldier, ca. 1940