Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Who Says Girls Can't Repair Cars? Check Out These 21 Amazing Photographs of Women Auto Mechanics from the Early 20th Century

Women began finding work when World War I began in 1914; they had to take the jobs of men who had gone to war. A wide range of jobs needed filling. Automotive machines were in large production around this time to supply the United States and other countries with vehicles for war. This was the start of women playing important roles in the automotive industry.

Not all women on the front lines were part of the military though; many were volunteers offering their help to medical services such as the Red Cross. This woman served as an ambulance driver with the Voluntary Aid Detachment, an offshoot of the Red Cross. Unlike most ambulance drivers, though, those who operated the vehicles on the front lines had to know how to repair and service their cars, as you see this woman doing in this image by Ernest Brooks shot in 1916.

British ambulance drivers near the Front in France, 1916.

Margaret Whittemore and Margery Rose changing a tire on their car in 1916 during a tour for suffrage. They drove 10,000 miles with stops in New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and small towns along the way.

A female mechanic reclines under a car while performing repairs to the vehicle, 1917.

A member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) starts up the engine of her ambulance at Etaples, France, on 27 June 1917.

Music, Entertaining, Mini Skirts: 27 Vibrant Photos of Retro Girls on the Dancefloors in the 1960s

Dance, move, rhythm, music, entertainment, style, costume, fashion, twist, jive, miniskirt, energy,... All create a vibrant atmosphere. These images are typical of one of the most energetic generations. The Swinging Sixties.

Young Serbian girls walking on the street, ca. 1920s

Monday, July 24, 2017

Say Cheese! These Awkward Smiles May Make You Smile

In today's digital age, it's not difficult to have a perfect portrait of yourself. But before that, in the film camera age, you do not know how your image would look like after the shooting. And of course, there would be moments that were not what you would expect.

These photos captured the excruciating awkwardness of people when posing for photographing.

Paradise, 1946

Boxing match between two American troops on board a ship during their voyage home from Europe, c.1918

An amazing animated stereoview shows American troops watching a boxing match between two of their comrades on board a ship during their voyage home from Europe, c.1918.

A number of existing troopships, as well as ships seized from Germany, were used to return troops from Europe to the United States after the Armistice. In addition, there were several foreign-flagged ships used only for troop returns.

Up until November 11, 1918, all efforts were made to send troops to Europe. Once hostilities ceased, the United States faced a huge logistical problem of returning the troops home again.

Learn How to Dance Disco With Åke Blomqvist

Arthur Åke Blomqvist (1925-2013) was a Finnish dance instructor, active since 1940, and Judge of the tango market in Seinäjoki. Together with his wife Leena, he ran dance schools in Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti. Even the couple's two children are dance teachers.

Åke Blomqvist was the host of a dance program that went on Saturday in Finnish TV. In 1980, he showed how to dance disco. A video of one of Åke's disco lessons from the 1980s began to spread through the internet in the early 2000s, when the world suddenly became aware of this dance teacher's amazing ability to take Afro-American, gay and Latino moves, and remove all style, energy and panache, for the consumption of Finnish audiences.