Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old Contact Sheets from Some of Hollywood’s Most Legendary Films

Before you could open that folder of images on your memory card, contact sheets were the only way to review a bunch of photographs you just took. In Hollywood's golden days, directors had on-set photographers capturing candid images for those iconic movie posters.

Julius Caesar featuring Marlon Brando, 1953

Rear Window featuring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, 1954

Bus Stop featuring Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Giant featuring James Deen, 1956

A Beautiful Portrait of Fanny Brice, ca. 1915

Famous singer and actress Fanny Brice from the time she was a Ziegfeld Follies girl, ca. 1915.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mugshots of Female Nazi Concentration Camp Guards while Awaiting Trial in 1945

These black and white portraits of the female prison camp guards which were taken after the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp, while they were at Celle awaiting trial in 1945.

Juana Bormann: sentenced to death.

Herta Ehlert: sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Ilse Forster: senetenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Helene Kopper: sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Hildegard Lohbauer: sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Interesting Photos of Young John F. Kennedy Swims for Harvard in 1938

John F. Kennedy's favorite sport was swimming. In November 1937, Kennedy was 20 years old, and his time-trials were sufficiently speedy to gain him a place on the Harvard college swimming team. Here's a small collection of interesting black and white photos of JFK swimming in Harvard in 1938.

(Photos: AP, via Mashable/ Retronaut)

Street Gangs in Springfield, Massachusetts, 1916

Street gangs - corner of Margaret & Water Streets - 4:30 P.M. Location: Springfield, Massachusetts. Lewis W. Hine, 1916. (via Once Upon a Town)

Australian Women's Firsts in the Early 20th Century

Two of the first female men's barbers, Miss Dolly House and her sister, c.1927 / photographed by Sam Hood. The House sisters’ father, Jack House, ran the barber shop just underneath Australasian Films' film studio.

First "Miss Australia", Beryl Mills of WA, 1927 / photographed by Sam Hood. Theatre commissionaire holds back crowd from the first "Miss Australia", Beryl Mills of Western Australia, outside Sydney’s Haymarket Theatre, 14 December 1927.

Coffs Harbour, the first fully equipped women’s surf life saving competition team in the world, 1931 / photographed by Sam Hood.

First woman Presbyterian cleric in Australia, 1930s / photographed by Sam Hood.

May Bradford welding part of the all Australian monoplane for the England-Australia air race, 1934 / photographed by Sam Hood. May Bradford was the first woman pilot to hold “A” & “B” ground engineer’s licences in Australia.

A young Elvis Presley photographed in 1948

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Safety Garb for Women Workers, ca. 1943

Safety garb for women workers. The uniform at the left, complete with the plastic "bra" on the right, will prevent future occupational accidents among feminine war workers. Los Angeles, California. Acme, ca. 1943. (via U.S. National Archives)

A Day in the Life of a Wartime Housewife, London, 1941

Here's a photo series from the Imperial War Museum showing a daily life of a wartime housewife - Mrs Olive Day - in London. The photographs show some of the grim realities of living in wartime Britain in 1941.

Mrs Day wakes up at 7am at her home in Drayton Gardens, South Kensington. On the bedside cabinet, her gas mask, torch and a book are ready, in case a quick dash to the air raid shelter is required in the night.

Mrs Day opens the curtains of her bedroom in the basement of her South Kensington home. Unfortunately, as the glass has recently been knocked out of the windows by a nearby air raid, Mrs Day cannot see outside, as oiled linen has been stretched across the windw frame in place of the missing glass. Her cat ‘Little One’ watches her from the bed.

Mrs Day opens her window to let some air, and light, into her South Kensington home. The window panes have been replaced by oiled linen stretched over the frame, as the glass was knocked out by a nearby bomb a short while ago.

Mrs Day collects the milk and newspapers from the top of the steps leading down to the basement of her South Kensington home. The buckets that can be seen on the street at the top of the steps contain sand and water and are provided in case of fire bombs.

Mrs Day enjoys tea, toast and the morning papers at the breakfast table in the centre of her South Kensington sitting room. Behind her, evidence of air raids can be seen in that two panes of glass are missing from the window and have been replaced with boards and the other panes have criss-crosses of tape on them to prevent the glass from shattering, should the area suffer another air raid.

Wonderful Color Photos of Tibet from between 1940s and 1950s

In early 1946, the author Heinrich Harrer and a companion, Peter Aufschnaiter, arrived in Tibet after a hazardous 21-month flight from a wartime internment camp in India. Officials ordered them to leave, then relented. Extraordinary experiences befell Mr. Harrer during seven years in the veiled land beyond the Himalayas. Before China invaded Tibet, he became a friend and tutor of the Dalai Lama, its spiritual and temporal ruler.

The Potala, fortress of Tibet's god-king, broods over the flooded Kyi Valley.

In summer the Dalai Lama quits his winter quarters at the Potala and journeys to the Norbu Lingka (Jewel Park), two miles away. Here, at the ruler's return in autumn, townspeople throng the poplar-lined lane to watch the royal cavalcade.

Cheeks ballooning, monks force sirenlike blasts from silver trumpets as they clear the way for their king.

The Dalai Lama's mother and sister defy convention with Western glasses. Dekyi Tshering (right), once a humble farm wife, rose to an awesome position as Tibet's "Great Mother" when her son became Dalai Lama in 1940. She and her daughter wear brocade hats fringed with silk. Eyeglasses were taboo in the god-king's presence.

Top Tibetan officials marvel at a souvenir from America. A finance secretary peers through a slide viewer, memento of a Tibetan trade delegation's mission to the United States in 1948.