Monday, July 24, 2017

Boxing match between two American troops on board a ship during their voyage home from Europe, c.1918

An amazing animated stereoview shows American troops watching a boxing match between two of their comrades on board a ship during their voyage home from Europe, c.1918.

A number of existing troopships, as well as ships seized from Germany, were used to return troops from Europe to the United States after the Armistice. In addition, there were several foreign-flagged ships used only for troop returns.

Up until November 11, 1918, all efforts were made to send troops to Europe. Once hostilities ceased, the United States faced a huge logistical problem of returning the troops home again.

Learn How to Dance Disco With Åke Blomqvist

Arthur Åke Blomqvist (1925-2013) was a Finnish dance instructor, active since 1940, and Judge of the tango market in Seinäjoki. Together with his wife Leena, he ran dance schools in Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti. Even the couple's two children are dance teachers.

Åke Blomqvist was the host of a dance program that went on Saturday in Finnish TV. In 1980, he showed how to dance disco. A video of one of Åke's disco lessons from the 1980s began to spread through the internet in the early 2000s, when the world suddenly became aware of this dance teacher's amazing ability to take Afro-American, gay and Latino moves, and remove all style, energy and panache, for the consumption of Finnish audiences.

35 Glamorous Photos of Sailor Beauties From the 1930s and 1940s

Here is a glamorous photo collection that shows beauties dress up as sailors from between 1930s and 1940s.

Monaco Grand Prix, 1974

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bride and bridesmaids, ca. 1920s

27 Gorgeous Color Photographs Capture Sunbathing Beauties of Chicago During the 1940s

Charles Cushman was an obsessive and meticulous amateur photographer who spent his lifetime diligently documenting the world around him. His collection of 14,400 color Kodachrome slides, shot from September 3, 1938 to April 20, 1969, was left to the University of Indiana, where it was painstakingly archived.

These gorgeous color photographs of sunbathing beauties were taken by Cushman at Hyde Park's Promontory Point, from 1941–1949. He often pointed his camera at Chicago, photographing everything from steel mills to museums, but with summer upon us we were seduced by his collection of sunbathers.

35 Wonderful Photographs of Paris and France Taken by a Soviet Tourist in the 1970s

These color photographs were taken by a Soviet tourist during his visit to France. Back then, if you were a citizen of the USSR (Soviet Union), you had to receive a special permit in order to travel to other countries outside the Iron Curtain, and most of the time, such permissions were only granted to members of the ruling Communist Party. Basically, you had to be someone in order to be allowed to travel abroad.

Entitled ‘Paris – the blue dream of Soviet people’, this collection of snapshots from 1970s Paris lets us see how people living in an enclosed regime viewed democracy, it’s people, and it’s values. The photo album was posted on LiveJournal, where questions like “What are they wearing in Paris?” and comments in Russian, like “A wish: To see Paris and die…” accompany the photos.