25 Momentous Colorized Photos that Let You Relive American History

1. The Harlem newsboy, originally captured by Gordon Parks.

2. Booker T. Washington in his Tuskegee University office, 1906.

3.Picnickers at a Sarasota trailer park, 1941.

4.  Armed troops blocking off a road near an explosion at an oil factory near Texas City, Texas, April 17, 1947.

5. Frank "Slivers" Oakley, the Baseball Clown, 1904.

Street scene in London , 1949

60 Vintage Color Snapshots Capture Street Scenes of the U.S from between the 1950s and 1970s

These amazing color photographs below show what streets of America looked like in the 1950s and 1970s...

A Rare Footage Shows Women Making Christmas Decorations in an Edwardian Cracker Factory from the 1910s

This seasonal interest film shows the girls and women of Messrs Clark, Nickolls and Coombs factory making Christmas decorations (probably at the company's licensed Clamico Works, at Victoria Park, London). It illustrates the various processes involved, with some work done by hand and some with the aid of machines.

German ammunition abandoned at the Battle of the Marne, 1914

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Amazing Vintage Photos of the First Female Flight Attendants in the 1930s

Here are 15 beautiful vintage photos that show the first female flight attendants in the 1930s.

Airplane meal service, 1939

American Airways, 1933

An air hostess, ca. 1930s

Ellen Church, ca. 1930

Ellen Church, the first female flight attendant, May 15, 1930