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March 10, 2020

Beautiful Pics of Elizabeth Taylor Photographed by Douglas Kirkland in 1961

These beautiful pics of Elizabeth Taylor were taken by photographer Douglas Kirkland in 1961. Her tracheotomy scar from an emergency procedure due to pneumonia that left her unable to breathe during the filming of Cleopatra in Rome is clearly visible. 
“This is the image which started my career photographing celebrities. I was a young photographer at Look magazine and I was sent to Las Vegas to sit on an interview Elizabeth was giving to a journalist. She has said yes to the interview but no picture. She has not been seen for a while and had has a tracheotomy as result of being ill during the first attempt to shoot Cleopatra.  
After the interview I went up to her and held her hand and said:,‘it is wonderful to meet you. My name is Douglas Kirkland, I am new with this magazine, can you imagine what it would mean to me if you let me photograph you’ I did not let go of her hand, she wore jungle gardenia perfume which I could smell later on, she thought for a while and said ‘Come back tomorrow at 8pm.’”


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