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October 23, 2019

Rapist Beware! A Self-Defense Video Intended to Train Women on Defending Themselves From Sexual Predators (1990)

Rapist Beware! is an instructional video by Lou Casamassa.

Louis Casamassa is a legend in the world of martial arts. He meant a lot to all arts and his martial arts background and accomplishments are many. Louis started training in Japan in 1958. He got his first black belt in Japan under the son of the founder of Judo. He also received his black belt in Karate in Japan, under Mas Nagano. In the US Marine he became the Captain of the Judo and Karate teams. Louis learned a lot about respect and discipline, which he expressed in his later job: Police Officer.

He was soon good enough to teach Karate, which he did in 1963 in Betlehem. Louis was also the first to ever teach to women at the men's YMCA. Form 1963 to 1972 he opened 5 studios. Besides teaching, he also writes books about martial arts. Further Lou founded the Red Dragon Karate (-aka American Karate) Studios, and the AKKF, the American Karate Kung Fu Federation. His Red Dragon Karate blends several styles in one.

Still training in the arts, Louis received a 10th degree black belt in 1983 and is recognized by 5 (inter-)national martial arts organizations.

Louis is respected as a martial artist and policeman, a popular promoter and husband and father to three sons. His three sons, Scott, Chris and David are all also great martial artists and teachers. His son Chris is also an actor. Both appeared together in Sword of Heaven in 1985.


  1. "He meant a lot to all arts and his martial arts background and accomplishments are many."
    I am especially amazed at his stunning contributions to marble sculpture, and his hilarious contributions to oil painting. He truly meant a lot to all arts!

    Honestly, do you people even read what you are posting???

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