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December 30, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres Found the ’80s Dating Video Men

The 1980s are known for so many trends, for better or worse, but perhaps the best to come from the decade are these hilarious dating videos.

Back in 1987, some men were so desperate to find the “goddess” or “damsel in distress” that they paid a company called Video Mate to make a videotape profile tape to be viewed. People watched these tapes somewhere…

The focus here seems to be men who are “looking for fun.” Most of the men mention what they like and don’t like, and some even say “hi” to their moms… which is weird.

In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres has been searching for weeks for the guys from her favorite ’80s dating video. She found three of the men from the clip, and invited them on to her daytime talk show, “Ellen,” for a short catch-up segment.

Watch as she welcomes Big Phil, Maurice and the smoke-free Mike, and answers the question everyone is asking: Did they find love?


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