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November 10, 2017

Rare Home Movie of Marilyn Monroe Playing Golf, Filmed by Joe DiMaggio in 1952

In July 2006 Dolores Hope Masi, god-daughter and namesake of Bob Hope's wife Dolores Hope, released some never-before-seen photos of screen icon Marilyn Monroe. The photos came from an old family camera found by Dolores which had the undeveloped film in it.

"I found this old camera in a chest about three years ago," Masi told Good Morning America. "I knew the camera was there but I had no idea there was film inside. And I had it developed. First, it was my dad shooting Joe and Marilyn by the car. And then when they were playing golf, he handed Joe the camera, and it's my dad teaching Marilyn and my mom to golf."

Monroe was a frequent guest at the Sherman Oaks, Calif. home of the Masi's. Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio once stayed for 10 months to escape the press.

Dolores Hope Masi, who died in Jun 2007, was a child when she knew Monroe. Masi's father, Chic Masi, grew up with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and worked in the movie industry, serving as an unofficial manager to Monroe.

Masi said that Monroe would go with her family to a private beach in Malibu. One time, she said, the two of them almost got swept away by a riptide.

"My dad swam out and got us," Masi said. "I remember she [Monroe] looked at me and said, 'That was a close one.' There was a part of her that loved to play like a kid. I think that's why she was my instant friend, my instant mother. She loved to play. She had a little kid inside her."

The last time Masi spoke to Monroe was on Masi's 16th birthday, when Monroe called her to tell her "you are a young lady now."

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