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August 11, 2017

Before the Health and Safety at Work Act, This Amazing Video Depicts Scaffolders Life in London in the Early 1960s

Well before the Health and Safety at Work Act this excellent historical video depicts the life of London construction in the early 1960s.

Interestingly the two minute clip gives us a great insight into the life of the scaffolder back in the day. When Band and Plate was king with heavy gauge 3″ tubes and 1/2″ spanners was the norm, and not a pair of gloves in sight.

With just the wearing of a pair of brogues and a flat cap for PPE, the video shows these men were literally putting their life (and others) on the line above the busy London streets below.

Video’s like these just goes to show how far our industry has progressed with hugely increased safety and technical guidance, that hopefully ensures we go home alive everyday.

(via ScaffMag)

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