July 8, 2016

C S Rolls versus J E Hutton for the 50 Guinea Cup, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 1903

Photograph showing Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910), English motorist, motor car manufacturer and aviator, in his Mors Racer (left) lined up against Hutton in his Mercedes 'Sixty' for the 50 Guinea Cup, a race which Rolls won. Rolls was a keen driver and was well known in the car world. He took part in many races of the time, such as the 1000 Mile Trial (1900), which he won, and the 15,000 Mile Trial (1907). He founded Rolls-Royce Ltd with Sir Frederick Henry Royce in 1906, creating one of the world's most famous motoring companies. Phoenix Park is Europe's largest urban park. It was the venue for the Irish Grand Prix in 1929-1931, and still has a motor racing circuit. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)


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