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July 7, 2015

Nicolas Cage Dressed as Superman! Test Footage of Nic Cage Suiting Up for Tim Burton's Never-Made 'Superman Lives'

The never-before-seen footage is from the documentary The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened? created by director Jon Schnepp in hopes of finding out what derailed this legendary unmade film.

Back in 1997, the actor suited up in the iconic superhero costume to shoot some test footage for the doomed Tim Burton-directed movie. Nicolas can be seen doing stretches in his latex-like uniform that noticeably varied from the signature blue and red design made famous by original Superman Christopher Reeve. The skintight material is of dark gunmetal hue and showcases the long-haired actor's surprisingly muscular physique.

“So Nic, movement and stuff seems pretty good, huh?” Tim asked as Cage replied: “Yeah I mean, you were saying it’ll feel a little loser the more I wear it? It’s really tight.”

A behind-the-scenes photo showing Nicolas Cage’s Superman test costume for Superman Lives. (DC Movies)

Look up on the screen. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Nicolas Cage dressed as Superman! A photo of the Academy-Award winning actor in his test costume from an aborted attempt to reboot Superman in the mid-’90s emerged on the Internet.



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