December 16, 2014

20 Beautiful Black and White Photos of a Young Brigitte Bardot as a Ballerina

What was it about French film stars that made them such perfect models for ballerina-inspired fashion? In the 1950s and ‘60s the vogue manifested itself in Brigitte Bardot, whose inimitable French style never failed to deliver elegance and carefree chic. Bardot was the first foreign-language-speaking star to attain major international success and her films were pivotal in establishing a global market for foreign cinema.

When Bardot moves through film space, her classical ballet training is evident in her regal carriage and dance style. She studied at the Conservatoire de Paris and the classic dancer’s wardrobe of leotards, Alice bands, ballerina skirts, and ballet flats often appeared throughout her films and daily ensembles. What began as an anti-establishment look early in her career progressed into a glamorous, tailored flair that remains influential today. The pale make-up and bouffant hairstyle was the perfect counterpart to her mixture of passion and drifting insouciance.

Here, below is a collection of 20 beautiful vintage photos of Brigitte Bardot as a ballerina.


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