September 4, 2013

Vintage Trucks and Advertising in Australia

Kellogg's van for A.H. Peters & Co. at Sydney University / Milton Kent

Minties van of H.Bear near the Conservatorium / W.A. Webber

Loading tin drums into van of J.Gadsden Pty Ltd / Milton Kent

Enmore Theatre lorry - free Christmas cake to each child, Sat. matinee 24 Dec 1938 / by Sam Hood

Motor bus being towed to Queensland, 1929 Cadillac towtruck, Sydney, 1 December 1938 / Sam Hood

Three-wheel tractor of Australian Glass Manufacturers with trailer, c. 1930s, probably by Sam Hood

Dairy Farmers van no.98 at Wentworth Park / James Howarth Studios for A.H. Peters & Co.

Remington accounting machines van of Stott & Hoare & Chartres Ltd, Reington House, Liverpool Streett by G.H. Olding, photographed in the Botanic Gardens

Steelo [soappads] and Queen Bees Wax van / James Howarth Studios for A.H. Peters & Co

Australian National Airways Freighter Service van, 1946 model / ANA Publicity Dept

Frank (Sonny) Duncan's travelling cafe. His catchcry at Cobar Football games was "Try our home made pies - warm your belly for threepence" - Cobar, NSW, c. 1935, by Mrs Les Condon

Allen's Irish Moss gum jubes delivery van / W.A. Webber

Civic Theatre queue (taken for Columbia Pictures Ltd) with Aeroplane Jelly advertising vans, 21/5/1938, by Sam Hood

A.B.C. truck recording soldiers off to war, Darling Harbour, May 1940

University of Sydney Commem Day procession, Old Medical School, 5 May 1965 / photographer Jack Hickson, Australian Photographic Agency

Arnott's Biscuits' Albion van, Sydney, ca. 1935-1940 / photographer Milton Kent

(via State Library of New South Wales collection)


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