February 20, 2013

Black & White Photos of US From 1910s-1920s

Stevedores on a New York dock loading barrels of corn syrup onto a barge on the Hudson River. Photograph by Lewis Hine, ca. 1912.

Women assembling dolls on a long worktable at the Shrenhat Toy Company, Philadelphia, Oct. 1912.

An Indian enclave in Albuquerque, N. Mex. Primitive shelters with modern city street behind. 1912.

Architects at their drafting tables at the Treasury Department Building, Washington, D.C., 1912.

A Pittsburgh factory where limousine bodies are built from wood, Oct. 1912.

Looking west on South Water Street, Chicago, crowded with horse-drawn wagons and motor trucks filled with produce for market, Apr. 1915.

Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., looking toward the Capitol from the Treasury Building. The Hotel Occidental advertises rooms with bath for $2 and up and modern Cadillac automobiles for rent for $3 per hour. ca. 1915.

Horse-drawn wagons line the narrow street in front of New Orleans' French Market, Jan. 1915.

Young boy tending freshly stocked fruit and vegetable stand at Center Market. Washington, D.C., Feb. 18,1915.

Policeman directing downtown Chicago traffic, ca. 1917.

The burned-out Monticello Hotel, Norfolk, Va., and fire apparatus frosted with icicles. The New Year's Day 1918 fire was thought to be the work of enemy agents.

Pickwick stages, counterparts of modern day buses, outside Union Station, Los Angeles, awaiting passengers bound for southern California, 1920.

Group of employees and several small boys in the littered alley entrance to a Baltimore garment factory, 1921.

Crowd of bathers on the Lake Michigan beach, Chicago, Ill., ca. 1925.

First-nighters posing for the camera outside the Warners' Theater before the premiere of "Don Juan" with John Barrymore. New York, Aug. 6, 1926.

Women shoppers at Mrs. Snyder's Candy Shop, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 1927.

Workmen hand-dipping candles at the Saint Louis Candle and Wax Company, St. Louis, Mo., 1927.

Ticker tape and confetti floating onto the motorcade carrying the crew of the Bremen, and the crowds assembled to greet them. Broadway, New York, 1928.

(Courtesy of the National Archives)


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