January 10, 2013

More of Awesome Vintage Swedish Movie Posters for Hollywood

This time the posters range from the silent era through the 40s. Many of the posters are the work of designers Eric Rohman and Gösta Åberg.

Safety Last! (Skandias, 1924)

Crack-Up (20th Century Fox, 1936)

Flying Pat (Famous Players Lasky, 1920)

Charlie Chan at the Olympics (20th Century Fox, 1937)

Tarnished Lady (Paramount, 1931)

Trouble in Paradise (Paramount, 1932)

Anna Christie (MGM, 1930)

Modern Times, 1936

Now I'll Tell (Fox, 1934)

Harold Lloyd poster, 1933

Bureau of Missing Persons (Warner Brothers, First National, 1933)

Betty of Greystone (Triangle, 1916)

Billions (Metro, 1920)

The Mummy, 1929

The Invisible Ray, 1936

The Black Cat (Universal, 1941)

The Wolf Man (Universal, 1943)

Mystery of Edwin Drood (Universal, 1935)

The Dragon Murder Case (Warner Brothers, 1934)

Stamboul Quest (MGM, 1934)

Speak Easily (MGM, 1932)

Doughboys (MGM, 1930)

The Silver Slave (Warner Brothers, 1927)

We Have Our Moments (Universal, 1937)

The Crime of the Century (Paramount, 1933)

Words and Music (Fox, 1929)

Woman (Hiller & Wick, 1918)

(via 50 Watts)


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