January 29, 2013

First Russian Electric Car

Electric car - a car that is driven by an electric motor usually powered by batteries or special fuel cells, rather than as a conventional car - an internal combustion engine. Electric car very different from vehicles with internal combustion engine and electric transmission, and the trolley. The types of electric car is electric trolley (special cargo vehicle to move to closed areas or hoisting machine) and elektrobus (bus with an electric motor and battery).

In 1899, Hippolyte Romanov developed the first electric car in Russia (St. Petersburg). His total equipment was borrowed from the British cabs, where the driver was located on high trestles plant the passengers. The crew was four-wheel and front wheels have a larger diameter than the rear. On the first electric vehicle used lead acid batteries. He demanded a charge every 60 miles. The total capacity of the car was 4 l / sec. Development of the crew was borrowed from models of American "Morris Salome," which produced cars since 1898.


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