November 30, 2012

Fidel Castro visits New York, 1959

In 1959, Fidel Castro came to New York, hired a public relations firm, ate hot dogs, kissed ladies like a rock star, and held babies like a politician. Loved by some, hated by others, his trips to the Big Apple were galvanizing.

Gladys Feijoo, 19-year-old Miss La Prensa of 1959, kisses Fidel Castro as he signs his autograph for her collection on April 22, 1959

Fidel gets a taste of America as he wolfs down hot dog at the Bronx Zoo on April 22, 1959

Castro tosses a peanut to an elephant at the Bronx Zoo as he tours New York City on April 22, 1959

Castro eyes a tiger before patting the big cat at the Bronx Zoo on April 23, 1959

Looking like an American politician, Fidel Castro hugs Donna Friedman and Lisa Langer at the Bronx Zoo on April 22, 1959

Fidel Castro greets baseball great Jackie Robinson at the Overseas Press Club luncheon, 1959

An enormous crowd, estimated at 35,000, waits behind police barricades at Central Park for a glimpse of their hero, Fidel Castro. Some 1,000 cops were on hand to keep order, 1959

Supporters lift the Cuban liberator to their shoulders in a moment of exultation on April 21, 1959

Mrs. Robert Meyner, wife of New Jersey's Governor, shakes hands with Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro as she welcomes him to the Governor's Mansion in Princeton, October 20, 1959

Fidel Castro is all smiles at Columbia University on April 22, 1959

Fidel Castro has his beard touched during a visit to his hotel by youngsters who attended a Queens school with his son. The boy was secretly living here while his father led the Cuban revolution. The kids are (l. to r.): Gene Wolf, Kathy Johnston, Kathy Tableman, David Friedlander, Karen Leland and Robert Boyle on April 24, 1959.

Reporters are all ears to hear what Fidel Castro, new leader of Cuba, has to say at the Statler Hotel on April 22, 1959

Let's see a show of hands! Fidel Castro talks to reporters at the Statler Hilton during his visit, 1959

Fidel Castro waves to crowds of fans from his car while leaving the Statler Hotel in New York City on April 22, 1959

(NY Daily News, via Retronaut)


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