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October 2, 2012

Early Photos of Construction and Evolution of the NYC Subways

A collection of early images that show the construction and evolution of the New York City subways from 1900.

First actual work at Bleecker and Greene Streets. ca. 1900

 Engineers in tunnel during construction of present IRT at City Hall Station. ca. 1900

Edward Levick. Mayor McClellan on first subway trip. 1904

Byron Company (New York, N.Y.). Subway, Hudson Tubes. ca. 1908

Pierre P. Pullis  G. W. Pullis. Subway tunnel construction at Lexington Avenue and 97th Street. 1913

Byron Company (New York, N.Y.). Subways, Fourteenth Street Cut for Subway, #1. 1921

Andrew Herman. Federal Arts Project. 6th Avenue Subway Construction, 26th Street. ca. 1937

Ed Spiro. Change booth area, City Hall Station. 1972

Arnold Eagle. Interior of an unidentified station of the Third Avenue El. 1948

Subway station. ca. 1980. Museum of the City of New York

Child between two subway cars. ca. 1965



  1. I am truly inspired. Thanks for the post. I really like the theme you used for your design on construction. It is clean and does what it needs to

  2. Who would've thought new york subways had such grand-looking architectural columns in the old days?

  3. Thanks to concrete sealer. Now you can see great NY streets and subway floor with a touch of modernized style.

  4. The subway has gone far from what its been for the first time it opened. But there are areas that need to be repaired now. I recommended the general contractors in Mineola NY to handle the repair if its possible.

    Geoff Granfeld Jr


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