October 23, 2012

1958 Sears Camera Catalog

Sears 1958 Camera Catalog cover

1958 Sears 3 Tower Camera Outfits any member of the family can operate

1958 Sears Why buy a 35mm Camera

 1958 Sears Tower 51 and 50 35mm camera

Sears 1958 Tower 35 rangefinder with Nikkor lens

 1958 Sears Leica Thread Mount -  Tower (Steinheil), Nikkor, and Canon Lenses

 1958 Sears Kodak 35mm cameras - Signet 30 40 50 - Pony II IV - Ricoh 35 500

1958 Sears Kodak Retina IIIc, Minolta A2, Ansco Memar, Super Memar, Zeiss Contina III, Graflex Graphic 35

1958 Sears Argus C-44 C-3 C-4, Voigtlander Vitessa L, Vito

1958 Sears Leica IIIg, Leica M3, Zeiss Contax IIa IIIa, Nikon S2

 1958 Sears Canon VT De Luxe, Canon L-1, Minox IIIS

1958 Sears Which Camera to Buy

1958 Sears Exakta, Exa, Zeiss Contaflex, Underwater Housings

 1958 Sears Miniature Rolleiflex 4x4, Rolleiflex f2.8, f3.5, Rolleicord Va

 1958 Sears Tower 30 TLR, Super Ricohflex, Yashica C Reflex, Minolta Autocord L

1958 Sears Tower Box Camera; Folding 120 and 620 cameras

1958 Sears Kodak Ansco Argus Reflex Cameras, Outfits

1958 Sears Polaroid 150 Land Camera, Highlander, Speedliner

 1958 Sears 4x5 Press Camera and Kodak Royal-X

1958 Sears Tower Press Camera Outfit, Gralflex Accessories, Polaroid Backs

1958 Sears Pacemaker 4x5 Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic, Strobimite

1958 Sears Stereo Cameras

1958 Sears Which Film can do the best job for you Color film... Black and White Film...

1958 Sears B&W Film - Tower, Kodak, Ansco

 1958 Sears Kodak and Ansco Color Film

1958 Sears Bolex 8 and 16mm Movie Cameras

1958 Sears Home Developing and Printing Outfits

1958 Sears Photo chemicals

1958 Sears back cover Our Finest Tower 8mm Movie Outfit



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