July 8, 2012

Photos Of The Statue Of Liberty Getting A Makeover In 1984

Between 1984 and 1986, the Statue of Liberty underwent a massive makeover—her first big restoration since having landed on Liberty Island in 1886. The public was informed in 1982 that the statue would be completely closed to the public during this time. While no cosmetic changes were made during the process, Lady Liberty's torch was replaced—on October 8th, 1984 the NY Times reported that the torch "will be constructed by French craftsmen, just as the original was... Ten craftsmen from Les Metalliers Champenois, based in Rheims, will work on the torch in a workshop at the statue's base on Liberty Island in New York Harbor." The workshop was made open to the public.

Taken on December 17, 1985

View looking down on torch and flame from top of scaffolding; ventilator cap has been removed from flame prior to removal of torch on July 4, 1984

Close-in view of left-side of head showing detail of crown. May 1984

Left-side view looking southwest, taken from construction pier. May 1984

Left-side view looking west showing statue and pedestal with walls of Fort Wood and entrance to construction ramp in foreground. February 1984

Taken in February 1984

View from base of statue looking straight up left side of toga. May 1984

Interior view of east-side of statue looking up showing secondary iron frame and strap-iron armature supporting copper skin of toga. February 1984

View looking up forearm showing hand gripping torch. May 1984

Broken shackles, axe head and right foot at base. May 1984

Profile view of left-side of face. May 1984

(Courtesy of the Library of Congress, via Gothamist)


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