June 6, 2012

Vintage Photos of New York City Bars

Consumer services, including this cocktail lounge and bar, will be available at the Port of New York Authority's new $8,500,000 terminal building. 1952." This was in Newark Airport.

Police Department Evidence photograph of the interior of an unnamed bar.

New York Bar/Front Page Cabaret working trying to take delivery of beer from Anheuser Busch and Pabst in front of business as crowd gathers around. 1928.

Socialite Mrs. George Washington Kavanaugh (L) having drinks with friends in the Sherry Bar during intermission at the Metropolitan Opera House. November 1944.

Bartender Sam Hock serving up nickel beers at Sam's Bar & Grill on St. Mark's Place. March 1949.

3 men at a bar; 3rd man eavesdropping has swastika. Legend reads: Stop Gabbing! Enemy ears are waiting for a slip of your tongue. World War II. March 13, 1942.

Van Wyck Boulevard. Bar/ Diner Number 123-05. November 4, 1940.

First Avenue. Looking southwest from corner of 44th Street. Tudor Lunch Bar. March 16, 1931.

Amsterdam Avenue. Looking east from between 72nd Street and 73rd Street. Verdi Square Bar & Grill, Caruso's Barber Shop, Bon Ton Cleaners. June 23, 1949.

Amsterdam Avenue. Looking northeast from corner of 73rd Street. P and G Café Bar, people stand at entrance; apartment house with "To Let" signs. June 24, 1949."

Chrisbar's Hotel, Queens. "Men and horses and carts all standing in front of liquor store.

Sunday P.M., Hickory House Bar, 7th Avenue at 52nd Street. A crowd at the bar. A singer, accompanied by musicians, sings through microphone. Women customers in furs. 1937.

101 Night Club Harlem. An indistinct view of bar, tables, diners, and dancers. Negro murals. Sign: "Minimum Chag., 55". 1935-1941.

Hickory House Bar, 52nd and 7th Avenue. Performers grouped informally about tables. Theatrical portraits on wall below football mural. 1937.

((via NYC Municipal Archives)


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