June 10, 2012

Rare Early Photos of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley in Florida, 1956.

Happy screechers at Jacksonville hold their heads and yell as loud as they can as Presley yowls.

Pulpit comparison of a Presley poster and Bible is drawn by a Baptist preacher, Robert Gray.

Water-warped records played in Jacksonville added new twists to Elvis' wobbling song style.

Presley's motions are demonstrated by a 13-year-old, Steve Shad, in a Jacksonville record shop. High school boys have mastered Presley's gestures, but show little interest in his singing style.

Presley promoter in Jacksonville is the side-burned drummer and disk jockey Scotty Ferguson.

Barber Joe Governale in Jacksonville gives Ronny Turner, 16, the duck-tail cut Elvis favors, leaving a rich overhang of hair in back of head. Ronny is too young for Elvis-style-sideburns.

Antidote to Elvis was church social at Murray Hill Methodist church two nights after Presley left. Before dance, group heard Presley denounced in sermon on 'Hot Rods, Reefers and Rock 'n Roll.

Prayer for Presley in Trinity Baptist church came after the Reverend Gray said the singer had 'achieved a new low in spiritual degeneracy.

Crowd outside a Florida theater before an Elvis concert, 1956.

Elvis Presley in Florida, 1956.

Civic leaders meet with a Jacksonville, Fla. judge to discuss ways of "curbing" Elvis Presley's influence on local teens, 1956.

Packed crowd for Presley, 2,200 Jacksonville teenagers turned up at every one of the six shows he gave in two days at the Florida Theatre.

Backstage kisses are bestowed on pretty admirers. Pictured: Andrea June Stephens, who came to Jacksonville from Atlanta, Ga., after writing prizewinning letter on why she would like to meet Elvis. Promised a dinner date with Elvis, she got instead a cheeseburger in a Jacksonville diner.

Elvis Presley in Florida, 1956.

Elvis Presley kisses a "Jacksonville girl" in Florida, 1956.

Elvis Presley in Florida, 1956.

(Robert W. KelleyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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