May 16, 2012

Photos Of The World Series from 1911-1914

A band sets up in the background as players warm up for a 1912 game

A Giants player and an A's player pose before competing in the 1911 World Series

A serious handshake between a Red Sox player and a Giants player in 1912

A who's who of Massachusetts politics including Governor Foss and the mayor of Boston in 1912

Boston Braves players and manager in the dugout before a 1914 World Series game

Braves players hanging out during batting practice in 1914

Boston player Hank Gowdy with mayor John 'Honey Fitz' Fitzgerald in 1914

Boston Red Sox player Duffy Lewis in 1912

Christy Matthewson stretches out before a 1911 game

Connie Mack with A's coach Ira Thomas in 1914

Fans arrive at the Polo Grounds for the 1913 World Series

Fans pack the polo grounds for Game Three of the 1913 World Series

Frank 'Home Run' Baker takes batting practice before a 1913 game

Game Four of the 1913 World series at Shibe Park in Philadelphia

George Burns of the New York Giants warms up before the 1911 Series against the Philadelphia A's

Giants ace Fred Snodgrass warms up before a 1911 game

NYC mayor Ardolph Loges Kline at the Polo Grounds during the 1913 World Series

Philadelphia A's player Eddie Collins gets a car in 1914

Photographers meander around the Polo Grounds at the 1913 Series

Matthewson takes batting practice in 1911

Telegraphers report the news at the 1913 World Series

The 1912 Boston Red Sox before the World Series

The Boston Red Sox walk to the dugout in 1912

The cheap seats at the 1913 World Series

The crowd strolls onto the field after Game Three of the 1913 Series at the Polo Grounds

The Giants and fans pour onto the field after Game Three in 1913

The managers and umpires review the ground rules before Game One in 1912

The New York Giants bat boy and mascot (!) at the 1913 World Series

The New York Giants come onto the field before the 1912 World Series

The New York Giants take a picture before Game One of the 1911 World series

The umpires for a 1913 game

Two players, both nicknamed 'Chief', chat before a 1911 game

VIPs: Boxer Jim Corbett and a player's wife Blossom Seeley during Game One in 1913

Wally Schang hits a home run for the A's in a 1913 game

Washington Senators pitcher Walter Johnson is presented with a car during the 1913 World Series

(via Library of Congress)


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