May 27, 2012

Old Photos Of A Rainy, Stormy New York City

Looking south from 34th St.; Met Life Building is at front left, lower Manhattan buildings at back, 1913

"Cars and people crossing intersections at 42nd Street after rain during the Bus Strike. 1953

Hillside Avenue, West from 170th Street. Bus Waiting Line in Rain. June 7, 1943 6:35 p.m

Sailing a wagon in the Brooklyn rain, ca. 1910

City Employees Parade in the rain, May 17, 1913

L: "Lightening stiking by the Municipal Building, which is under construction, 1915; R: Untitled [Man on the street on a rainy day. 1955

Under the El, 1951

May 1937

Rain in Columbus Circle, 1915

Storm effects. March 5, 1962

42nd and Broadway on a rainy day in 1930

Madison Square Park, 1905

5th and 25th, 1906

Trucks congest a rain slicked New York City street along 59th street between Park & Madison Aves, 1960



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