April 20, 2012

Old Photos of Baseball American Players from the 1860s to the 1940s

Casey Stengel, full-length portrait, wearing sunglasses, while playing outfield for the Brooklyn Dodgers, ca. 1915

Metropolitan baseball nine 1882

Fourth of July, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rural filling stations become community centers and general loafing grounds. The men in the baseball suits are on a local team which will play a game nearby. They are called the Cedargrove Team,  July 1939 

Monte Ward, New York Giants, baseball card portraitt, 1888-1889

The Ball Team. Composed mainly of glass workers. Indiana, Aug. 1908

"The Maine base ball club"--All blown up at Havana except no. 1 J.H. Bloomerc, May 1898

Champions of America, Brooklyn, [New York] : c1865.

Three baseball players (boys) wearing Cleveland uniforms, July 1922

Harry Wright, man'g, Phila, .c1887

Baseball team, Eymard Seminary, Suffern, N.Y., between 1890 and 1910

Michael J. "King" Kelly, Apr. 1887

The famous world beaters St. Louis Browns, c1888.

Ruth knocked out, July 1924

African American baseball team, Danbury, Connecticut, ca. 1880

Billy Sunday, Chicago White Stockings, baseball card portrait, 1887-1890

African American baseball players from Morris Brown College, with boy and another man standing at door, Atlanta, Georgia, 1899 or 1900

Bachelor Baseball Club, 1867

Evers, Chicago Nationals, 1910

John J. Evers, Chicago Cubs, baseball card portrait, 1911



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