March 22, 2012

Old Photos of Pretty Girls from between 1900s to 1920s

Society Girls, 1915

Lansburgh Bathing Girls, 1922

Miss Reese, 1924

Beatrice Kyle, in high diving outfit, between acts at the Society Circus at Fort Myer, Virginia, for the benefit of the Army Relief Fund, April 25, 1924

The Roofettes, 1923

Golf in bathing suits -- icing off at the tee. Miss Dorothy Kelly teeing off on a cake of ice. The others in the group are Misses Virginia Hunter, Elaine Griggs, Hazel Brown, and Mary Kaminsky of the Washington, D.C. area, 1926

Bathing Beauties, 1919

Bathing beach parade at Tidal Basin, 1919

The Kodak Girl, 1909

Queenie Ladovitch, 1920

Earl Carroll's Vanities, 1925

Potomac Tidal Basin bathing beach, 1923

The Duchess of Dallas, 1920

Miss Catherine Wo----, Wardman Park, 1923

Sitting Pretty, 1922

Madame F, 1922

The Little Broxes, 1924

Sister Act, 1923

Five Stars, 1927

Sashed, 1921

Signs of Spring, 1939

Lush Life, 1937

Della Storm, 1910

Dorothy Parker, 1938

Thisbe, 1900

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