March 25, 2012

10 Times TIME’s Person of the Year Wasn’t Really a Person

TIME‘s Man of the Year tradition started in 1927, allegedly because editors hastily concocted a reason to have Charles Lindbergh on the cover after omitting his trans-Atlantic flight from the magazine. Since Chuck’s win, the title has been awarded 83 more times. Here are 10 winners who were groups of people, generic people, or things.

The Computer, 1982 - 

The Middle Americans, 1969

The Endangered Earth, 1988

The American Fighting-Man, 1950

American Scientists, 1960

Baby Boomers, or “The Inheritors,” 1966

American Women, 1975

The Peacemakers, 1993

The Good Samaritans, 2005

You, 2006

(via Mental Floss)


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