December 29, 2011

Pictures of Anonymous Lives, Long Past

Florida c.1905

Group at Hokio Beach, Horowhenua District, 1909

AtlanticCity, NewJersey, c.1905

Ballroom, Hyde Park Hotel, 1912

Bathing machine

Broadway flower factory

Feeding pigeons in Piazza Sanmarco, ca.1900

Les Createursde La Mode, 1910

Les Createursde La Mode, 1910

Lewis W.Hine, Slavicimmigrant Ellis Island, 1905

Lewis W.Hine, Spinner in a New England cottonmill, 1910

London Subway, 1890s

Making dresses for Campbell Kid Dolls, NY, 1912

On the Merry go round at Deepwater Races, 1910

People on a street in Edwardian era



Puppet theatre, c.1900

Rue Mouffetard, Paris by Eugene Atget, ca.1900

SufragettesvProtest, University of Manchester, 1909

Tenement,  NY, c.1910

Three girls on street, c1910

Women in dressingroom, Foliebergere 1900-1920



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