October 23, 2011

Tiller Girls

The Tiller Girls were among the most popular dance troupes of the 1900s, first formed by John Tiller in Manchester, England, in 1890. Whilst on visits to the theatre, Tiller had noticed the overall effect of a chorus of dancers was often spoiled by lack of discipline. Tiller found that by linking arms the dancers could dance as one; he is credited with inventing precision dance. Possibly most famous for their high-kicking routines, the Tiller Girls were highly trained and precise. (Wikipedia, via)

Tiller Girls 1891 Oldest

Tiller girls Berlin 1920s

Billy Merson & The Tiller Girls in Comets

Tillers 1937 Blackpool

Tillers 1938 Blackpool

Tiller Girls line up

June 16 1950 Great Yarmouth

Bournemouth Tillers 1976

Bournmouth Tillers 1970s

Eastbourne Tillers 1977

Tillers Derby Day 1974 Bournemouth


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