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September 28, 2017

Touching Footage of Muhammad Ali Surprised Kids on "Candid Camera" in 1974

“You are Muhammed Ali! Wanna meet my sister?”

One a fine day in 1974, at a school in Greenwich Village, some school children talking about their hero Muhammed Ali get the shock of their lives, courtesy of Candid Camera, a popular prank TV show at the time that frequently included celebrity cameos.

In one particular episode, young boys at a grammar school in Greenwich Village, New York were asked to write about and share what they would do if they ever met Ali. Unbeknownst to them, the boxing champion was on site at their school and suddenly appeared to surprise them.

Needless to say, their reactions were priceless. They proved just how powerful a man like Ali meant to kids of all races who looked up to him.


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