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August 9, 2017

22 Incredible Photos Capture Street Scenes of The Netherlands in 1957 by Kees van Wijk

These incredible photos were taken by photographer Kees van Wijk that show street scenes of The Netherlands in 1957.

Kneuterdijk, Den Haag, 1957

Madurodam in Den Haag, 1957

Man reading, 1957

Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, 1957

Outdoor school, Scheveningse, Den Haag, 1957

Prinsengracht in winter, Amsterdam, 1957

Rebuilding St Lauren church, Rotterdam, 1957

Sleeping child, Den Haag, 1957

Street in Amsterdam, 1957

Street in Jordaan, Amsterdam, 1957

Vrijthof, Maastricht, 1957

Amsterdam, 1957

At the beach in Rockanje, 1957

Canal in winter, Amsterdam, 1957

Child in snow, Amsterdam, 1957

Child on houseboat, Amsterdam, 1957

Children's playground, Scheveningse, 1957

Coffee house, Amsterdam, 1957

Fish salesman in Scheveningse, Den Haag, 1957

Hanging clothes, Prinsengracht,  Amsterdam, 1957

Hay wagon, Haarlemmermeer, 1957

Kids playing, Rotterdam, 1957

(Photos from janwillemsen)


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